Diabetes data overload! (please?)

Hi all,
I want it all! I want to be able to combine data from my pump, dexcom, glucose meters, polar heart rate monitor and/or gps training devices, cycling power meters (if I can ever afford to buy one), and food intake into one device or program. I would love to be able to see all of this displayed in some logical graph. It would be so much easier for me to make some conclusions about what is working and what is not working in my training. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I think that’s the Holy Grail we’re all looking for… Right now, I’m using the web-baesd Polar Personal Trainer to automatically log data uploaded from my F6 HRM. The post-workout data it gives me is limited to 12 stored files including start time, duration, HR (average), HR (max), and calories burned (based exclusively on cardiovascular effort). If I look at the most recent file before my next workout, I can manually capture the “Own Zone” heart rate levels for that workout. Polar Personal Trainer allows me to add in the exercise activity and the mileage manually.
I believe some of their more advanced HRMs come with software that can run directly on your PC. That could conceivably give you an export data file – and more information than I can get off the Polar F6.

My biggest annoyance with HRMs is that they don’t capture a complete time record of a workout, so it’s hard to record what levels of exertion and what levels of exhaustion cause what changes in heart-rate (this would also be useful to coordinate with a CGM to determine performance versus blood-glucose level). My guess is that we’d need to borrow Holter Monitors for that sort of information :frowning:

Most diet-management web sites allow you to enter exercise in some form or another – probably not in the detail you’re looking for. A lot of folk here like Calorie King for diet management. I’ve tried out FitDay, but I’m not fond of its limitations in terms of serving size. Nutrition Data is much better for that, but appears to be based on something less exhaustive than the USDA’s NAL database. The Daily Plate covers food, general time of consumption, and exercise, with a lot of brand-name information and the ability to add more foods to the general database. I do end up having to use a calculator to fraction out servings correctly.

Sweet Spot – started by Adam Greene of this community – appears as if it should time-coordinate blood glucose with food and exercise. I haven’t tried this system yet, so I don’t know the how detailed the inputs are, or could be. Andy Rozman of this community is working on a system that will interface blood glucose monitor automatic uploads with the full NAL nutrition database – the system is still pre-alpha right now.

The issues that these developers are facing are primarily that the various manufacturers have proprietary serial, infrared, and/or USB interfaces, and often, proprietary output formats. Add to that multiple types of information and the need for a foods database…

The bottom line is, people are working on this issue, but it’s going to take some time before we have something usable. Meanwhile, you might be best off setting up an Excel workbook and manually setting up the charts you want…

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Andy here.

“My” project was now released so you can try it out, but at this time you will be disappointed if you are waiting for Dexcom or any extended pump/meter support. We are still working on supporting as many devices as possible, but everything takes time, especially when device companies are not working with us, but against us… I got some support from meter companies (big ones), but pump companies and CGM companies don’t give any support. We have USDA food database in program, you can make your own foods databases (meals too)… so try it out.

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