Electronic Logbook?

I want an electronic logbook that can download data from my meter and my pump and allow me to log food, exercise and other diabetes related events.

Of course, I need to be able to send the data to my doctor periodically.

Any suggestions on such a thing?

Here's what I currently use:
T:Slim pump
OneTouch VerioIQ and VerioSync

I exercise at least once a day but at different times. Sometimes I commute on my bike to work (to and fro). Sometimes I run at lunch, sometimes I just walk. Somedays I swim after work. On weekends I am likely to do some of all of these. A paper log is so tedious and so 1995. Please help!


Hi Bob,
I use an app - MySugr - it may appear kiddy/cute from the outside, but it allows you to log events separately or together (ie, a single blood reading, or exercise, or food, or you can log your bg, carb intake, and insulin etc together). it has separate settings for pump or pen users.

You can also add notes or take pictures for your food and exercise and search for them later. (I use this a lot when going to restaurants)
The whole thing can be exported as pdf file on the free version, and excel or some other file version i have never heard of in the paid up version. In theory you can combine it with the iBGStar on an iPhone, but i have not had much luck with that particular metre - although it updates automatically into the log, i prefer accuracy to convenience in that particular matter.

My doctor finds the reports very easy to work from, and there is an online portal where you can see your readings for the week plotted as a coloured graph for comparison/ trend identification.
Of course, you need a smart phone for this... i guess i just figured if you were using a pump you would have a smart phone- not sure if that is logical. :o)
interested to see what else comes up here!

Are you using the tconnect program from tandem? You can add your meter to it and upload both to a single report. It lets you add notes so you can track log all of your activities/meals/etc and also generate pdf reports you can send to your doc.
It is a free download from the tandem website. Then use your usb cables/charging cables for the upload.

I manage my log with the Glucosurfer App. This project is my/our take on diabetes management. It is by no means perfect but has some unique features to offer - like the AGP diagram.

What ever you think please take the opportunity to upload some T:Slim data there. I hope the software of T:Slim allows an export in XML format. If this is the case I can develop an import filter for your data.

I do use the tconnect program. The problem is that I don't do it often enough to log my exercise. To add a note, I must download often, almost everyday. I wish to log exercise when I'm exercising. Wish I could do it with my pump or meter.

Thanks. I will give this a try on my iPhone.

If you get something like the Accucheck Nano, you can also buy a sensor which plugs into your computer, which reads and then tallies all your readings directly from your fingerpricker. No need to enter your own data! My Endo uses it for people without CGM and the logs look pretty good. Its not too expensive to get the gear (although you would need to figure out if insurance covers their expensive strips).


Oh yeah, try to get one of these! http://diabe.to/ They are in prototype but, as a software developer, I think it has the most potential for upgrade from logbooks if you lack CGM!