Diabetes Education 101

This is what my non-diabetic friend has learn through an intense diabetes bootcamp (there is no such thing, I made that part up)…

So Tena, what did you learn to do if Leah was to pass out?

Grab Leah’s syringe and shoot her up repeatedly! No?..

okay in that case, call 911 and DO NOT give her anything. Await rescue personnel. Yell at them repeatedly to NOT remove your pump. Smack the EMT upside the head until he calls your doctor.

DRINK the orange juice yourself that you want to give to Leah. Look for cookies in Leah’s purse for the stressful ride to the hospital, but don’t offer her one!

I LOVE MY FRIENDS! :slight_smile:

HAHA :slight_smile:

What about giving you glucagon???