Emergency kit training today!

TuDiabetes has definitely enabled me to be out there more with my diabetes than ever… Today I trained my new boss and her admin on my emergency kit at work. Earlier I told her I was diabetic and she wanted to learn more- and how to be prepared. So, I’ve gone from “it will never happen to me but I have a kit in my desk and my purse” to - “hey, it could happen- here’s what you do in case, and please take care of me”. Just wanted to share my experience because for some reason it feels a bit odd to be SO out there with it, especially at work and with my team. But, it’s important and its a part of me… so here I am- out there with it! (again)

Good luck, Dana. I am so not there. I just don’t eat carbs at work so I don’t need insulin so I don’t experience lows…dumb, huh? I have only had T1 for 4 years and it still feels so new and alien to me. I keep waiting to run into other diabetics, but have not. Are we all so secretive, or are there so few of us out there? Why does it feel so odd to be out there? Anyway, your openness is to be applauded.


Lol! I am with you!! I trained my new co workers also!! I also told them I keep spare glucose tablets in my car!! The good thing is…I work with a lot of healthcare people…lol! Keep educating :slight_smile:

I am there with you, even though right now I am not working but anyone I spend a lot of time with knows and how to treat me. My best friend even keeps glucose tabs in his truck and his wife keeps them with her too since I am there so much. I even have a tshirt that says Diabetes borrows my finger everyday, but one day I hope to give diabetes the finger. You should see the looks I get when I wear it and I have had people approach me when I have had the shirt on.