I Need A FICTIONAL book on Diabetes for a High School Sophomore Project Any Ideas?

I want to do a project on the topic of Insulin Dependent Diabetes but in following the rubric for the class I am required to also include a fictional book in my review of literature. The overall project is Problems in America & I chose Insulin Dependent Diabetes because its of interest to me & I want other people to also learn from me. Unfortunately, I can teach my teachers but first I need a fictional book. I have plenty of non-fictional books of course.
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Try Sweetblood, by Pete Hautman

What level of book are you seeking? Juvenile fiction? Adult fiction? Categories tend to have particular characteristics... Juvenile Fiction (depending on the intended age of the reader) will be short, likely REALLY short.

What are the rubric requirements re: mandatory requirements for your "literature" analysis? Can you draw conclusions from the reading, or must there be citations, quotations, etc.? Give a sense of how much wiggle room you have... we might be able to point you in the right direction(s)?

A single book, correct? Not a series, not a comparison of two different books in the diabetic genre?

"Wretched (This is my Sorry)" by Katherine Marple


I went with Bewteen a Rock & a Hard Place by Alden Carter, not my first choice. Was hoping for some kind of book dealing with conventional diabetic knowledge of the past being blown away into medical fiction today. Wretched seemed maybe 2 depressing for now. Thank u. 2nd shout out for a non fiction book. Had my mind set on The History of Insulin b/c it’s amazing but the author Michael Bliss is Canadian & Im required to use an American author. Any ideas on the same type of book by an American? Otherwise I may go with a Catherine Cox book The Fight to Survive… Any ideas? I’m not sure if she’s American, still searching on that fact. Ur the book is good.

The Stephen King book UNDER THE DOME has a character that dies because she is insulin dependant and is locked in the dome and doesn't have access. Not sure if it works for your needs.

The Babysitters Club has a character named Stacey McGill that is type 1. Her diabetes is featured in the 3rd book THE TRUTH ABOUT STACEY.

Hope this helps. :)

breaktrhrough by thea cooper is about dr banting and one of his first patients-the daughter of a prominent politician. dont know if it would count as non-fiction completely, but could be worth a look. i really enjoyed it.

can you just tell your teacher that canadians are americans too? just wondering...

How about Steel Magnolias? It was a fictional movie about the lives of 6 women (one who had diabetes). It's hard to find it in print but you can get a copy of the script pretty cheaply on Amazon at:


Hope this helps. Roger

Breakthrough is the best Semi Fictional book about diabetes I have ever read. There is a companion book, centered only in America Titled "the Elizabeth Hughes Story" (I Believe). This companion book was written by one of the co-authors of "Breakthrough". Book of these books deal with the loss of the presidency by Charles Hughes. In effect the semi-fictional book leads one to speculate how insulin affected the outcome of the Presidential politics. This is a big deal for our country and could have changed the outcome of the, post European settlement of world War one. Both are great books, this is your winner.

Think like a pancreas by Gary Scheiner is non fiction