Diabetes Forecast magazine by ADA

Anyone ever subscribe to the American Diabetes Association magazine called Diabetes Forecast?

I subscribed off and on over the last 14 years. The last time was for a two year subscription. I received 2 issues last year (2020) and nothing since then.

I can find no information about it online but it seems the ADA has ceased the publication.

No notice? No refund?

Do any of my diabetic friends here subscribe to any printed publications about diabetes and which ones?

Each year, Diabetes Forecast would showcase and compare diabetic supplies, including new items on the market. That was how I first learned about insulin pens, cgm’s, etc.

You, the forum, and my doc are now my only source of information. Many thanks to each of you.

I don’t subscribe to any print publications, but get the following in my RSS Reader - I use Feedly - sifting through them for useful articles. I know this isn’t what you re looking for, but providing in case some else might be able to use them. Also, the 2 ADA journals have subscriptions, as does Diabetologia…

Also, as you likely know, Diabetes Forecast is archived here:


I was featured in diabetes forecast probably 3years ago I’m thinking. It just took a few people with different ways of dealing with type 1 and did all that.
They got my diagnosis wrong in the online version by 11 years but in the print version it was right
I think I still have it somewhere.
Too bad if it’s really gone, gone the way of most print publications


I let my subscription go maybe a year back? Call the American Diabetes association because it looks to be no longer published?

They stopped it last October or so. Nancy50

Yeah, they have stopped the printed version and have online only.