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Hi all,

I’m a writer with Diabetes Forecast magazine, and I’m working on a success stories article for an upcoming issue. I’d like to hear from you (type 1 and 2) about successes you’ve had. The definition is up for your interpretation, but some people who have contacted me have lowered their A1C a point, lost five pounds, had a baby, etc. If you’re interested in being interviewed for the story and being featured in the magazine, please e-mail me at tneithercott@diabetes.org.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Tracey Neithercott

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Thanks Tracey! :slight_smile:

(just bumping the discussion so others will see it as well!)


Hi Tracey
After reading that you are a writer for a diabetic paper,maybe my story would be of interest to your readers.Im been a diabetic for 14 years.Started on pills but no help,then 2 shots a day,no help,then MDI ,no help .them the pump and it helped me overnight.Long story but this is just a bit of it.If interested about doing a story,email me at dholloway000@yahoo.com

Thanks Tracey. You should try and interview Richard. He is a member here. He has had diabetes for 61 years I believe. I bet he has many stories to tell.

That is a great idea!! Click here to see Richard’s profile.

I was just going to post his profile addy because I forgot to originally. thanks!

Actually, I spoke with Richard about a year ago for a different story on people who have had diabetes for 60 years or more. The story is here: http://forecast.diabetes.org/magazine/only-online/long-live-living-long.

Thanks for the tip, though!