Diabetes get-together in Boston sometime in August?

Is anyone interested in getting together for a few hours in Boston some weekend in mid to late August?

C Irons has suggested a walk, which might be a good excuse to get to know one another and share some stories about like with the big D.

If you’ve never gotten together socially with a group of folks with diabetes it’s a blast. Trust me. There’s nothing like having a meal together and all pulling out meters, syringes and pumps around the same time! It’s very liberating.

Maybe we could meetup for a 60-90 minute walk followed by a quick meal? Or just do the walk and arrange a later get together for another date.

I’d love to meet some of the US Northeast Group members face to face and this seems like a good chance to do it. Drop by the note and leave a reply if you’re interested.

i am interested. sat or sun work best for me. that way i don’t have to bring my kids. good excuse to get a break.