Diabetes Hands Foundation Announced

Today, some exciting news has happened! The Diabetes Hands Foundation was announced!

The Diabetes Hands Foundation is a non-profit foundation under which TuDiabetes.com, EsTuDiabetes.com, the iTunes Video Podcasts, and Word in Your Hand will reside. Diabetes outreach and awareness programs will all be under the umbrella of the Diabetes Hands Foundation. You can see Manny's video podcast about the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Congratulations! Very cool :slight_smile:

WOW! Way to go Manny. You’ve accomplished so much
for PWD in such a short while. A Big Congrats to you. You
must be Proud…and we’re Proud of you. :o)

Well DOne!

Manny, just like I said from day 1 here. Yo are God sent and you are here for a reason. This once again proves your capabilities. We appreciate what you have dome and what you plan to do in the future. Please know you have our support.

Well done mate!!!!! Yay...xx