DiabetesHandprint: an easy way to help raise funds for the Diabetes Hands Foundation

A while back, I shared the great news in connection with the Diabetes Handprint. Basically OneTouche licensed Word In Your Hand from the Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit that runs TuDiabetes). Inspired by our program, they launched the Diabetes Handprint web site.

The concept remains the same: on DiabetesHandprint.com, you share a photo of your hand sporting a word that describes how you feel about diabetes. However, there’s an important difference: for each submission, OneTouch donates $5 to the diabetes charity of your choice, up to $250,000.

I am very happy to announce that, as of last month, the Diabetes Hands Foundation is among the three diabetes charities that you can choose from. So this is a very easy way for you to help the Diabetes Hands Foundation without having to donate a single penny. It’s as simple as doing part of what you already do here on TuDiabetes: sharing your thoughts about life with diabetes, but in the form of a word that summarizes how you feel about diabetes.

Go to DiabetesHandprint.com, upload the photo of your hand with the word (or they also have a tool that lets you create the photo on the spot) and choose Diabetes Hands Foundation when you are done!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support!!

Very cool!

I was waiting for this moment to submit mine (yes, I have been waiting a while!) I’ll take care of it this weekend!!!

Gee, I must have missed that one. Along with future ones, I suppose I could submit the one that I made before that I have on my page since I’ve never submitted it anywhere. Cool! :slight_smile: