Diabetes Heroes Torchbearer: Manny Hernandez

Roche Pharmaceuticals is conducting an interesting campaign right now, called "Diabetes Heroes". I was browsing through the site the other day and found our very own Manny Hernandez listed as a "Torchbearer"! Very cool. Check out Manny's profile, and the profiles of many other great diabetes advocates, bloggers, activists, researchers and more.

Roche will award a $10,000 donation to the local JDRF chapter of the nominee who receives the most "likes"!

What an honor & certainly well deserved!

Manny our Manny!! Love to hear it!

Yep…he is a Hero.

Reach out and we are not alone…That is so true here on TuD. I can say that since I have been a member (2yrs ) I have never in my life had so many people/friends show such unity and kindness towards me. As I say “Grateful”…I am and more than I could ever express.

Funnily enough, we also have a team of actual diabetes superheroes - Captain Glucose and Meter Boy - one has type 2, the other has type 1 (as do the actors voicing them) : http://www.captainglucoseandmeterboy.com/