Who is you hero?

alright people!!! who really is your hero??? it dosnt have to be someone with diabetes it can be any one!is it a model? a singer? anyone!!! my hero is ryan red! i really do care and i wan to know who is your hero??!

Actually my hero is Dr. Bernstein for having the courage, intelligence and veracity for standing up to misguided diabetes information. It was Dr. B that first tested his blood sugar at home, who invented the basal bolus regime, who argued voraciously that normalized blood sugars minimized complications and who still fights to this day to get low carb diets recognized as beneficial.

ps. I met Ryan Reed at FFL a couple of months ago and had a chance to talk with him. He is a really nice young man and a great driver.

My hero is Manny Hernandez, our founder and President. My life changed for the better the day I joined TuDiabetes.

Here's a video of our interview with Ryan Reed

My Hero is [name redacted for privacy], my first grandson. He was born with something called 22q11.2 micro-deletion syndrome. I quit my job (early retirement @ 48) to help my daughter and SIL care for him.

He spent 2 of his first 3 months on this earth in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa Florida. A couple week in a medically induced coma. I spent 16 hours/day everyday, 56 of them, by his side. Watched him stop breathing twice.

On a feeding tube until he was one. Was unable to speak until about three. We all learned an infant version of sign language. He underwent open heart surgery at five weeks of age, then had to have spinal surgery at five months. He had ten specialists to see almost weekly for the first year. One for each major body system.

Last night I sat with pride watching a 'normal' looking five year old playing soccer with his team mates in the rain. More interested in playing the mud puddles really.

The technology, skill and caring he received and support we received from his healthcare team was fabulous and gives me hope for the future.

This is going to sound super pompous (and maybe it is), but I am my own hero. Not that there aren't others, because there are many (one of whom is listed above ;). But my life with diabetes is and always was been really hard, and I'm proud of me for having/finding/making the strength and resources to live it well (most of the time).

My hero is my husband, who saved my life so many times when I was trying to control diabetes, and instead had life-threatening lows. Those really low hypos rarely happen now--I've managed to learn something over the years! My son and daughter have been pretty heroic as well--those of us with diabetes have been known to be rather moody at times...

My hero is my daughter, Tikva (Tiki) who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her 11-1/2th birthday on 01/24/2014. She is the most strong and loving person I have ever known, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.