Diabetes History

A good article on Diabetes History from the New England Journal of Medicine




I love the article.


rick phillips

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I loved the article. We have come a long way! Thank you for sharing.

Interesting piece, not necessarily anything really novel but it maps the history nicely and includes some interesting nuances.

One thing I found a bit odd was the strong linkage between dietary fat --> obesity --> Type 2 diabetes, implying that high-fat diets, in conjunction with a sedentary lifestyle, bore a lot of blame for the related epidemics of obesity and Type 2.

My best guess, perhaps wrong, would have been the dietary fat consumption hasn’t skyrocketed, and has perhaps even moderated over time, as dietary carbs, especially simple but also complex, have made up a bigger slice of folks’ nutritional pies. Obvious part of the story is also about total caloric intake and more sedentary lifestyles, but if I had to blame an entire nutritional category, it’s carbs and not fat I would have highlighted.

@Brian_BSC, I think you’d enjoy the article and I’d be curious about your reaction to the above.

Great article
Thanks Richard

Thanks for sharing the article. It should be mandatory reading for all PCP’s and their staff. I recently had one PA say to me, I thought Type 2 was a worse disease because the number was bigger!
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