Diabetes in Dreams

Obviously dreams are personal, but I just wanted to ask who else out there has experienced being diabetic in a dream (probably more relevant to people who were diagnosed later in life)?

Last night I had my first. I won't go into detail, but I distinctly remember being at a large party where there was food everywhere, and realizing I couldn't eat any of it. And stating to someone close to me in real life, "Oh I can't eat any of this."

I guess this condition has now officially sunk into my subconscious, and truly become a part of my identity.

I dream of it all of the time - reaching for my pump and “forgetting” to reconnect after my shower on the way to work in the car. Food choices, etc. Weird. I have had D for one year.

My doctor told me that if you dream about that stuff then you most likely went low while your sleeping

I worry about my bg in my dreams. Especially worry about it being high. Of course for me in real life the real danger has been going low in the middle of the night (two 911 calls and ER trips for severe hypos have resulted in the past 30 years).

But the gotcha in my dream, is instead of doing something about my high bg, I either feel like I’m unable to do anything, or some impediment is between me and insulin. A couple times I’ve had full-out search-for-insulin-but-all-the-bottles-are-broken dreams. Argh!

Very rarely/never have anything to do with food.

I have had dreams about it. And I’ve had dreams where I’m going low in the dream and wake up during them actually low.

I have a CGM and haven’t alarmed low during these dreams. I have weird dreams, even before D.

Wow, the thing about dreaming about food and going low, that’s pretty interesting. I certainly wasn’t low by the time I got up in the morning. But I did read a discussion on this site about night sweats and low blood sugar or high blood sugar, and I did semi-wake up at one point somewhat soggy. And cold.

Always puzzles to solve…

That’s so cool that you posted this. I had a dream just the other night and I wondered if others have them too. I started dreaming about diabetes only a few months ago. The first time it happened, I woke up and thought, ‘wow, it’s really part of my whole life now.’

I’ve had dreams like yours, where you go somewhere and realize there’s nothing for you to eat. I’ve also had dreams where I can’t find my needle or I can’t remember how to give myself insulin. I also dream about giving myself too much insulin. Nothing terribly interesting.

But it is really interesting that a condition like this sinks in so deep, and pretty quickly. I guess when something is an important part of your life, that happens, but as I’ve not had any serious and lasting health issues up till now I don’t recall ever dreaming about my health in the past. And I remember my dreams on a fairly regular basis, provided I get enough sleep on a regular basis (not the case when you have children under 2, as I realized later!).

On another (less healthy) note, I’ve heard that people who have quit smoking dream that they are still smoking. Perhaps anything that is a current or past habit eventually becomes so much a part of our identity that it invades, inhabits and sometimes directs our dreams. Since we always have to monitor our BG, I think of diabetes as a condition that brings habits. At least they’re healthy (as in meant to improve your health) ones…

I have been diabetic (LADA) 6 years and I don’t recall having a dream about it. I am wondering if that means that I don’t see it as a part of me or don’t want to face it or something??? I dream a lot…maybe I do dream about it and it’s no big deal??? Interesting.

I doubt it. Just because you didn’t remember dreaming about it doesn’t mean you didn’t. And dream interpretation is very personal and symbolic, so it’s possible that maybe you have dreamed about it but your dream language is not obvious. It can be difficult to tell what dreams really mean (if that is you believe they mean anything), but I think it’s impossible for someone with diabetes not to see it as part of their identity. I mean, it’s always on the brain in the most vital way – what to eat!

And eating certainly is almost always in the front of my mind! (Always has been…not because of diabetes.) That’s a good point. It will be interesting to try and interpret my dreams now that you have brought it up. I always joke that I must have starved to death in a past life, but I don’t dream about being hungry.

Now that I think about it…I love to eat and cook and buy and think about food…everything about food, but I don’t dream about it, that I am aware of. I take my diabetic care pretty seriously, but don’t recall worrying about it it my dream world…hmmmm.

I actually dream I’ve been cured, I reach for my pump or meter and find I no longer need them. Not sure what this is telling me, after nearly 14 years

That’s beautiful!

That’s a dream you hate to wake up from!

It’s weird, but I am NEVER diabetic in my dreams! Wishful thinking, I guess! If only dreams, well most of them anyways, could come true:)

I’m new to the OmniPod and dreamed about it… dang it. I would prefer a world of dreams where I’m NOT Diabetic. :slight_smile:

If you’re ever somewhat conscious that you’re dreaming, you can actually change stuff that’s happening. I’ve done that before when I’ve had really awful dreams. Of course, it feels a little like cheating… :slight_smile:

Hey Jennifer, actually, last night I had what was basically a nightmare! I was eating wheat thins and not taking any insulin for it. I love wheat thins so much, and was eating the entire box! In my dream I felt so guilty as I realized subconsciously that I was doing something wrong. I also was 100% convinced it was true. Maybe I wish so badly sometimes that I could just eat as many wheat thins that I want, but I can’t, that’s life.
Anyways, random I know, but I thought I’d share!

Thanks for sharing, Alexa! Believe me, I totally understand! But I try to get around it by reminding myself that at least I can have small quantities of what I desire. The thing is, not being ever able to do things in excess again. I guess one has to turn away from doing that with the body, and focus more on mind/spirit. Well anyway, if you know you have the ability to get excessive sometimes… LOL! It’s only natural for some people right?