In your Dreams are you Diabetic?

I am NEVER Diabetic in any of my Dreams. What about you? Just curious.

Good question, Robyn. I don’t really know, but many of my dreams have numbers, in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Sometimes, all three sets of the numbers, may be in the same dream.


Hummmm. Interesting Trisha. I can only remember when I was first DX’ed, I would dream of eating Brownies and wake up and I would be chewing…but I don’t think I was diabetic in my dream. I dream and I will be just eating and doing things but never testing or injecting insulin.

This is such an interesting question Robyn, with interesting answers usually. And I have NO clue what it all means. :smiley:

I had Never been a Diabetic in any of my dreams until a Guy on a different Diabetes Community, asked that same question because he was a Diabetic sometimes in his and wondered about Others. Of course since he mentioned this issue, I then was a Diabetic in my dreams for about 3 days. I thanked him, naturally. :slight_smile: After the topic cooled down, I was no longer one in my dreams and still am not which is Great. But this may start them again.

LOL…sorry Terrie. xo

LOL! No need to apologize Robyn. I’m still awake and I refuse to be a Diabetic in my dreams ever again. :slight_smile: xo

Oh yes I am!!! I am usually unable to source any food, or am catering for hundreds and not allowed to snack myself, or once I have cooked and served for all these people and want to join them people will not let me sit down and eat - reserving seats for someone else - who never appears! I am always hypo in my dreams! They become quite desparate!

Interesting question though! Enjoy your non-diabetic nights!

I’m never diabetic in my dreams, because the subject never comes up. But generally food doesn’t come up, either – it’s usually some kind of weird experience with friends or family, or an occasional space alien, but never diabetes!

Very interesting question Robyn! Diabetes has never come up in my dreams, which is kind of weird I guess when it’s such a huge part of my life. But my dreams never make any sense, and have nothing to do with real life, so that may explain it.

Oh, yeah, all the time. And I have to search out the goofiest looking insulin vials in my dreams too.

Just last night they looked more like my kids’ juiceboxes, than anything else! And the syringe needles looked like juicebox straws!

Yes I am!

You know I’;ve never thought about my dreams that much. I guess I am b/c it’s just a part of my life and seems to always have been. Let me think about that one…Good Question Robyn.

I wake up to my nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes through diabetes in my dreams. If I’m low, I will usually dream that I’m extremely high and I need to check my blood. Its crazy that my subconscious can tell me that I need to get up and check it! I’m very thankful for it.

So far I haven’t had a dream about Diabetes. I did dream I was eating all sorts of wonderful carbs and when I woke up I thought ‘oh I can’t, I’m diabetic’.

I am usually diabetic in my dreams but I have had several dreams that I was walking around without my walker and when I realized I was walking without my walker, I couldn’t find it. I have also had both wheelchairs & walkers stolen in my dreams. Guess I really want to get rid of that walker!


I have extremely bizarre dreams, in which food is the least of my dream-self’s problems, so it’s never come up :slight_smile:

Excellent question Robyn :slight_smile: I would like to add one little statement here that I saw on an Endo’s desk. “Obstructional sleep apnea causes problems in the proper management of diabetes” - and it holds very much for my case atleast.

Now, I don’t try and keep awake for late night shows (until its one of those Bond movies) - alas, may be because I don’t have Conan, Jay Leno or Larry King here in India I guess :slight_smile:

If you are dreaming, that mean’s you are generally sleeping well, isn’t it?

Also, I saw in NatGeo that a human dream doesn’t last for much time, I don’t remember the time exactly.

But it does have a tremendous effect on your next day, you may have a bad hair day or a blooming sunny day ahead - depends on what happens in the previous day/night mostly, I guess!!!

Last night I had crazy dreams…very strange. I was not diabetic…doesn’t even come into the picture at all. Like it!! Very interesting replies…thanks!!