So. When you have a dream at night, are you diabetic in it?

When you have dreams at night, and you see your self, are you diabetic in them?
I’ve had some dreams where I am, but others where I think I’m not, only to wake up to the harsh reality that it’s still here. How about you?

I am never a diabetic in my dreams. Then to wake up to reality.


You are still the same person you were a few months ago, both in your dreams and in reality. This was just an emotional of a blow to me as it is to you, and I imagine to most everyone else. But we're still the same people. The sooner I stopped feeling like a victim and realized I just have a new lifelong challenge to face, and overcome, the sooner I found peace with this. I hope you see that too. Sam

I've only been a diabetic in one of dreams! for 23 years of type 1 diabetes, I've only had one dream where I was diabetic, it was during my Burn out stage, my deceased grandfather came to me and said "You better test yourself, you need to test your self, test yourself" I woke up in a cold sweat, I'm thinking the dream was related to the stress diabetes was giving me back then.

What an awesome question, Kelsey! I am not diabetic in my dreams, I never realized it until now though. I like what Sam said very much and I will add that I think we are all super heros outside of our dreams to live with this thing.

I am always diabetic in my dreams. Sometimes I dream that I am low, then wake up and my BG is okay. I recently dreamt that I pulled a long nail from the bottom of my foot, didn't feel it, and was ashamed to tell anyone. My feet are actually fine. Strange...

Oddly enough I just had a dream last night that I kept on trying to inject for a meal but everytime I found a pen in my purse and I opened the cap to inject it was a different color marker... oh the frustration!

What would I do or think differently if I wasn't diabetic?

I have dreams in which diabetes is a big part and lots of dreams in which diabetes is not an issue... but it's not that I don't have diabetes, it's just that I don't have any diabetes problems during the dream. You know- I'm dreaming about running from monsters or getting eaten by squirrels or flying or going surfing or a terrible date or a classroom of kids climbing over me or whatever. Or sometimes I'm dreaming about having four digit blood sugar readings on my meter or that my mother's been secretly diabetic for years (no she hasn't).

Yes, and it's actually resulted in some really funny dreams. Not long ago I dreamed that I was in a restaurant (some diner) and the waitress brought me a coke when I had asked for diet coke. I got in a huge fight with her, saying I was diabetic and I couldn't have regular coke (she was telling me to just drink it).

Another time I had a dream that my pump had magical superpowers. Not only could it deliver insulin, but it could also make people disappear, stop time, and do something involving space travel.

Sometimes I have weird dreams that I'm low or high and I have to correct; those scare me only because I am worried I will actually try to "correct" with my pump while sleeping! (never actually done this, but I still worry I will!)

But most of the time my dreams are agnostic in terms of diabetes. I don't dream that I'm not diabetic, and sometimes diabetes just isn't an issue in whatever I'm dreaming. Although, I do think I usually have a pump on....strange, I'm to the point where it feels just like a part of my body.