Diabetes in India

My project is about Diabetes Awareness among Higher secondary students in India. India is a growing economy, one of the earliest civilizations in the world, known for its architecture,yoga Abundant natural resource with just 2.4% of land mass it supports 17% of world population

these are the facts which I am proud of but there are concerns which i am worried about.

India is a country which leads in
poor wealth distribution
1/3 of its population lives below poverty line
added to these miseries diabetes hit India very hard.

I have lost to diabetes a cousin when she was 19. Both of my parents are diabetic. Still in India most of the people are unaware of its effects. So I dont want any of our brothers and sisters should die of diabetes

I am Bharathi I am studying Master of Education in Erode*. I am supposed to do a thesis in education. I chose Diabetic awareness as my topic. My lecturers hesitate as it is a new topic in education. however I stick to my topic.Through my thesis I am going to recommend health education at every level(we dont have it now). One of my lecturers is willing to guide me if I give an existing thesis for back up

If anyone of you could send me a soft copy of a thesis(through email) about diabetes awareness thats going to be a land-breaking effort for the well being of 1/6 th of humanity

*Erode is a district in south India

Bharathi, thank you for sharing your project. The world needs more diabetes awareness! One of our members, Terry, recently shared an article about how little the average American knows about diabetes. read here.

Dear Bharathi, I am a 92 young computer rookie, who is discovering bespite my wisdom of 92 years,how little I know and YET to LEARN. As a very inquisite person,I enjoy checking our people profile in websites and am very glad to discover you and your interest in diabete and will help you in telling the DIABETIC STORY. I was clinically dead, in BOSTON, IN 1977 with a BG of 880 on NOVEMBER 18. With my second chance, and having great people help me guide me support me because of the epidemic avalance that is sweeping the world. Groupsof organizations worldwide are really emphasising a CURE. If a cure was annouced TODAY, it will be from 5 to 9 years before its usefullness will benefit and reach the people who need it NOW. My role is saying LIVE HEALTHY TODAY so that when a CURE comes, YOU are in a healthy person coping and with a STRONG defence. As a senior acting like I AM SIXTEEN, and wasnt told DONT LET DIABETES SPOIL YOUR DREAMS. Tell each of the young people that they are SPECIAL, one of a kind,and as long as you beleive, you can achieve. Start up a diabetes support group and call the DIABETIC BUDDIES, they can solve problems, support each other and be a shining example to the newly diagnosed. Guidelines that works for me are 1. Have a diabetic team, diabetic doctor, dietitan,podiatrist,social worker, pharmacist. 2.Listen to your body, it tells you when to eat, what to eat, portions, EXERCISE,rest,sleep. 3 Drink a glass of water before each meal, it will fill you up with the’good stuff’ and you wont have room for desserts that are the killers, 4 Wear a MEDIC-ALERT bracelet, it SPEAKS for you in case of emergency, 5.Have a DIABETIC BUDDY, someone you are in contact with, EVERYDAY, they could SAVE your LIFE Work closely with the LIONS CLUBS, I have been a member since 1972 and they have an excellent diabetes prevention and awareness program. In your area, make those diabetics that are making their mark, in all kind ofsports, business, that despite having diabetes, they are not letting diabetes, STOP their dreams. Our group id diabetics helping and educating diabetics, BLUE ROSE DIABETES FOUNDATION, will have our website ready for the new year. Check out my column in www.defeatdiabetes.org it is called CLARENCE’S CORNER. We are trying to have a AMIGOS CIRCLE OF FRIENDS,circlying the world by JULY 30 INSULIN APPRECIATION DAY, I ask insulin users to call 5 diabetics and join me, in silence, and give THANKS FOR INSULIN, giving hundreds of millions of US a chance to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TODAY. We chose the BLUE ROSE, as our symbol because of its meaning,'ATTAINING THE IMPOSSIBLE" our mission and motto. Keep in touch andpick my brains, your friend, clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca