Diabetes maybe an early indicator of Pancreatic Cancer

I came across this article discussing saying that up to two years before a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, 40 percent of patients are diagnosed with diabetes. the study is being conducted by the Mayo Clinic. I thought it would be good to share not to scare anyone, but perhaps it would be good to ask a doctor to get checked out just in case.

These articles are scary,it will cause alarm and anexiety.In Saudi Arabia,there is one in every two above 50 y who is diabetic,just imagine if every body has to look for pancreatic cancer,adding to: for men for prostate cancer,women for breast,and cervical cancer,both for cancer colon…life will be a lookout for cancer!!!

Oh my! This is very scary. Glad you posted this. I’m going to speak with my doctor about getting screened.

I didn’t mean to post this article to scare anyone. I wouldn’t advocate screening for every type of cancer either. However the Mayo Clinic is a world class organization with respect to health research which is why I posted the article.

Grateful that you did you post it. Thank you. Scary, but knowing & being aware is paramount. Pancreatic cancer is invariably fatal because symptoms don’t appear until it’s too late. I’ve wondered about my diabetes because I was diagnosed Type 1 so late. No history of diabetes in my family. My case is relativley rare, according to my doctors. I’m definitely going to look into being tested for pancreatic cancer.