Diabetes Money

I made a list of the diabetes-related organizations I would support financially if I won the Mega Millions. I realize the list is missing many; who would you support?

Hmmm, mega millions. I wouldn't give a cent to the ADA, CDA or to any large, well-funded institutionalized group. Dr. Faustman would get a humungous donation, as would Insulin for Life, an organization that distributes insulin & supplies to diabetics in need.

Great ones, thanks for sharing!

I have various diabetes related groups that I would donate some money to. My priority would be to fund research to address mental health issues for people with diabetes. Mental health issues greatly affect ones diabetes and ones diabetes greatly affects ones mental health.

So true.

I have to be frank with you . . . I wouldn't give to any organization who "pretends" to be fighting for an ailment, sickness, or anything like that. The reason I say "pretends" is because they need to pay the salaries of the people in their organization before any of their money goes for what they are fighting for, and who knows where that money goes from there.
That includes the both of the diabetes foundations that are always asking for money. I have been T1 for 37 years and never benefitted from anything that they did.

Thanks for being frank, Jerry!

I do want to add something though . . . I would give DIRECTLY to some, including camps and things like that, but not to an organization that acts as the "middleman" between you and the cause.

Diabetes camps (well, camps for kids in general) ROCK!!

I am sure they do. They had nothing like that when I was diagnosed.

Clara Barton Camp (for girls with type 1) started in 1932 and Camp Joslin (for boys with type 1) started in 1948. There are a few others that have been around (close to) that long, but not many. Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) probably has the history on all the diabetes camps. At any rate, there are many now and they do wonders for kids with diabetes all over the world. You can still go and volunteer, just to experience diabetes camp for yourself :).

My chance of winning big is very small :) ...I don't buy lotterie tickets of that kind . We do donate to organizations such as CDA ; CDA provides Summer Camps , including to those , who can't pay the full fee . I believe there are 12 camps across Canada , started in 1953 .Several years ago our Lions Club had a walk and we raised over % 5,000.00 to send BC kids with diabetes to Camp .I fund raise for the Association through Team Diabetes /walks /runs , nationally and internationally ...helps me stay motivated and continue my regular exercise ...a win win .CDA also makes funds available to Researchers .Donating to Diabetes Hand Foundation is on my list , have donated to Insulin for Life ...since IDF held their conference in Montreal , 2009 some Canadian folks got inspired by the Australia group and there are Branches across Canada now .Indeed like to have many more donation $$$$'s availalble!!

Awesome, Nel! Thanks for giving back.

I will definitely write a post called "diabetes monkey" someday - just for you! I didn't win either - what's up with that?? I just hope whoever won will do good things with it. :)