Diabetes Olympic Games

Inspired by a response in the True or False Game thread, I have decided to organize the first Diabetes Olympic Games. The Games will feature events based on activities unique to PWDs (persons with diabetes) and their families OR featuring the use of diabetes supplies, even if not for their intended purposes.

I’m a little short on events, though, as I’ve only come up with two:

The Infusion Set Change - A timed event. Contestants will gather supplies, remove existing infusion set, insert new set and properly dispose of all materials. One category for each type of infusion set.

Insulin Pen Relay - A standard relay race using an Insulin Pen instead of a baton.

I think we’ll need at least 15 events to make it worthwhile.

Your submissions are welcome.


Hmm…how about Leg Garter Obstical Course. You wear your pump under a pocketless one piece dress in one of those leg thingies that never stay up. Then you work a wedding reception, including making your way through the buffet, finding a way to discreetly pull your skirt up and fumble around for the pump to bolus for dinner, then spend a couple of hours dancing with your partner while desperately trying to keep the leg garter from sliding down your leg, or moving to the front of your leg, creating the dreaded pump bump.

Another event might be Airport Security Hurdles. The object is to get through airport security without having one of the guards/inspectors asking you to remove the pump from your body.

Hypoglycemic Sprint: Who can unwrap Starburst candies and stuff them into their mouth the fastest. Extra points for the ones at the bottom of the purse that have been there just too long, and have the wrappers pretty much welded on. Points deductions if you just pop those babies into your mouth with the wrappers and start chewing anyways.

Hyperglycemic Gotta-Go-Pee-NOW Dash: Need I say more.

The Fastest Draw Blood Glucose Test. With a standardized meter/lancing device setup, and one practice test to get used to the meter, who can load lancet, load strip, get sufficient blood on strip, and get a reading… fastest. Extra points for doing this as part of the WINTER Diabetes Olympics, out of doors.

Carb Count Bingo. A menu of foods is brought out, weighed, and the food-and-weight announced. Contestants have to find the food on their playing card and mark down the estimated carb count. A nutrition lab will then officially analyze the carb count of each food presented. The contestant who comes closest to the correct carb count… wins.

Diabetic Resuscitator Annie… We all know “Resuscitator Annie” as the test dummy for learning mouth-to-mouth respiration and CPR. Diabetic Resuscitator Annie has random lows and highs. The rescuers need to be able to find whether or not she is responsive, test her blood glucose, and administer water, glucose, glucagon, or assurance as appropriate… in addition to CPR, if warranted. Did I mention there’s a time limit in which everything must be accomplished?