Diabetes Research News — Hype or Hope? A Call for Questions

Amy Tenderich, author of DiabetesMine.com, is helping collect questions leading up to this weekend’s event in New York, Diabetes 2.0, hosted by the Diabetes Research Institute.

She has written this post:
"… if you were in a room with a panel of diabetes researchers, members of the media, psychologists, and other diabetes experts, what would want to ask them in regards to the things you read in the press about diabetes?"

Please answer through the post directly.

I have a question I was told last year I have Type 2 diabetes, and my blood sugar runs around 130-150 first thing in the morning, and after I take my pill, it drops a litlle then I eat and it will drop to under 60, and I am eating. Why does it drop that fast? I start to get a bad headache, and my fingers go numb? Now today I eat breakfast and it was 120, 2 hours later I was getting sick and it dropped to 38? I hate to go to the doctors again because every time I go I have to pay $150 for the office visit. Can you give me your opinion.

Thank you,