ABC News reporter seeking diabetes patients to interview

Hi all,

I am a reporter for ABC News and I am writing a story on diabetes. I am interested in speaking with diabetes patients who can talk about their day-to-day routine in living with diabetes, particularly with checking their blood sugar and how it affects everyday life. If you are interested in sharing with me, please respond to this post or email me at The deadline is soon, so if you get this later than 3:30, please disregard. I would need to speak with you in the next hour or so.

Thanks in advance for your time!

I’d be willing to talk with you, Kaela. I’ve been diabetic for 40 years. I’ll drop you an email w/my contact info

Wow that is really short notice! I was so busy checking my blood sugar and counting carbs and sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office that I completely missed this post in time. LoL, just kidding. I hope you can follow up and let us know if that article gets the green light. I’m sure most of us here would love to read the article. Thanks.

I’m just glad a journalist (a non-D one) found us!

So did you ever talk/email? What’s it about?

i spoke with the reporter from ABC. She’s doing a story on the nanotech/bioluminescence glucose level “indicator”(?) that the Japanese are developing that would glow as a way of telling what your BG is. She wanted some background on what this is like, what we do on a daily basis, how difficult it is to get zen about the changes brought on by diabetes. She called me back and asked me to give her an estimate of how many finger sticks I’ve done. I didn’t get a glucose meter until the 90s. My rough estimate came to just under 40,000. For you guys who have had the monitor since diagnosis, how many glucose checks do you figure you’ve done?

I told her to come read around here and see what it is that we do, how we deal, etc.

nanotech/bioluminescence? really? I try and keep up with such things and that is a really obscure one for me… Is that similar to the tech where they scan the liquid on your eyes?

I also missed the deadline, but would be happy to be interviewed if you need additional voices. Click on my photo & you can send me a message. I’m Type 1 & test 10-12 times daily.

Let’s just hope the article is accurate from a medical point of view. I hate to be exploited. You can’t rush an article like this.

Aww missed the deadline too. You should definitely post a link back here to the story when it’s done!

Two questions about that technology:

  1. If the color changed based on bg levels, who is to say it wouldn’t be like the 80’s when we held our test strip up to the bottle and said “Well, I know it is somewhere between 120 and 180. I guess it is closer to 120, so we’ll call it 145.”?
  2. What if you are color blind?

Maybe ABC news after interviewing the company will know. I’m sure if you had a powered light meter, then you could aim it and get a digital reading.

Is this the right link>? It appears to be about prehistoric ocean life, not diabetes.
Is there something “FISHy” about it… an embedded virus? Can’t be too careful… I hope not. I did not try to play the video.

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yeah i was wondering the same thing. But if the article is about “bioluminescence glucose indicator” which is very similar to what the fish have. So YES the video is about diabetes.

The reporter said she would send a link. She sent the story yesterday and was expecting it to be up on ABC News site today. I haven’t gotten the link yet, but once I do, I’ll post it.

I found the story on ABC News. Here’s the link:

I think this is the story…

That’s so cool you are in the story.

That is neat that you made it Pete!