Diabetes Retreat in Chicago August 17-19th! *Are you going?

It includes accomodations? Does that mean they're paying for people to stay there?

Hi! Yes for $50 it includes EVERYTHING(room and board, activities, etc). The only additional cost would be getting to/from U Chicago.

That's. . .kind of amazing.

I'm 27. Am I too old? :0)

:) Definitely not too old if you feel that you'd benefit from the topics on the poster; then we'd LOVE to have you, to meet you and have you share your experiences!!

I'm going to check into travel accomodations. This sounds really interesting! Is there somewhere that says when things start and end, for flight-planning purposes?

Great!! We're encouraging participants to plan to be at U Chicago by 4PMish on Friday because we'll officially start at 5:30PM with dinner, and then we should be wrapped up by 2:30PM on Sunday. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at DTreat!