Heading to the States for 5 Weeks in April/May!

Hi All!

I recently booked flights over to the States for the end of April. I saw this Diabetes Sisters conference on my facebook news feed as Six Until Me's Kerri will be speaking at it. It would be so amazing to be able to go to something like that but it may not work out time wise - So I'm just wondering if anything else Diabetic related would be on at the time I'm there. I'm talking fundraising events, speakers, talks, walks, conferences, general meet ups! I'm flying into Chicago on the 23rd of April and out of LA on the 29th of May. Looking at doing a bit of a road trip and visiting Detroit, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans. That's not a set list, just a bunch of places we may go :)

Also, any other advice for road trips, favourite places, travelling in the States in general would be much welcomed!

Just FYI - I'm a 24year old female from NZ (MDI, Dx 9 years ago), meeting my NZ boyfriend over in Chicago (He's been working in Colarado at a ski field). We're both into having a relaxed, chilled out time, love food, craft beer and new experiences.

I'm in Chicago. The ADA Scientific meeting is at the end of June. There is a pretty big craft beer scene here (Link to 6 best from recent Chicago Magazine). That's quite an ambitious road trip for 6 days. I've driven from Chicag to Raleigh and it's like 15-16 hours. I've done it in one day but, if it's dark when you get to the Smokies, your zooming along mountain roads with big pits of sand to crash into if your brakes fail. It may be more manageable to pick a couple of favorites. My strategy when I go to a new city is to get the Fodor's at the library and read it, cover to cover. I've done that since our honeymoon (1993!) and it's worked pretty well, to feel like I know my way around while ambling around town.

Another consideration may be the weather, it's usually springy but rainy at that time of year but, with a more carefree travel plan, you may able to work around that? Rains in the midwest? Head south? Tornadoes in the south? Head east or whatever!

Haha that is an overly ambitious road trip! Thanks for pointing the 6 day thing out, I actually meant 23rd April - 29th of May :) Will edit. Definitely looking at more time than 6 days, thanks for that link to the beer as well!

Confused about the time. You say 5 weeks, but you are flying in on 4/23 and out on 4/29? Do you mean in on 4/23 and out on 5/29?

Whoa.. AR is correct. Hate to say it, but the US is not New Zealand. I just drove from D.C to Denver and it was three days of hard, relentless driving. My suggestion: stay in Chicago. It is a great city, lots to do and see and appreciate. Museums are fantastic, good theatre, pizza... Cuddle and have fun. Road trips are hard...

If you are not leaving until May 29, you may have more options, but understand that distances here are deceiving.

Sorry yes! I totally agree - but I'm actually there from the 23rd of April to the 29th of May - would never try to do all that in 6 days :) Have edited that now!

Loving it! I have tried that is my younger life. This is still a humongeous list. Try TripAdivsor for details as they are great, Google maps will show you travel times, street views, etc.

Some of your destinations may require more research, so get online and see if the places are really where you want to go, time, lifetime memorable sights, and money-wise.

I tend to agree about it being too much. I have always found I get more out of a trip when I spend more time in each place, getting to know it. Since you are flying into Chicago and out of L.A. I would skip the east coast destinations and plan your route to include places between the two points. There's plenty to see there including some amazing scenery and nature spots if you are interested in that as well as urban spots. And, at the risk of offending someone, I would skip Detroit.

Sorry should have been a bit clearer. Looking at flying out of somewhere on the East Coast to LA at the end of the road trip. Just doing some research and what would work out best for us :)

Oh that's different! Advice still goes for limiting destinations, but without driving cross country you have a lot more options between Chicago and the east coast (which is 1,000 miles but doable with that amount of time)

Cheers for that! Will definitely look into that :)

There's interesting stuff all over the place. We've had great trips to Memphis, Tulsa, St. Louis and other places around the midwest. Washington DC has a lot of stuff to see which is interesting, although I dunno about the beer scene there. There's little national parks strewn all over the country. East of the Mississippi, there's Civil War battles strewn all over the landscape that may be worth checking out. I agree with Zoe too about national parks that are also all over the place. I've hit all of the Great Lakes (my mom's grandpa was a wholesale grocer in Superior, selling food to ore boats...) and they are all interesting to check out, because they're huge but they're lakes, rather than the ocean. Other than maybe Baikal, there's not much like them anywhere and there's 5 of them and they are all different and sort of trippy.

I've only been to Florida once, when I was in high school and wasn't tremendously impressed. It's very flat and very touristy, or at least the part I went to (Fort Meyers/ Naples/ Sanibel). I'm sure Miami is interesting but, if I were looking for clubs/ food/ restaurants, NYC is sick!! I love going to New York and, while it can be pricey, I've spent great days wandering around eating hot dogs for a couple of bucks too. New Orleans is supposed to be really cool too, although I never got there. It would be an easy sell for Mrs as she had a great time there.

Yea, I definitely think I'll find it more enjoyable to have more time in places even if it means seeing less destinations :)

you can always check our events page, we have the "sisters" conference in there


Nice time of year to visit. Plan on some great walks around the Great Lakes--right in middle of downtown Chicago or amidst the dunes in Michigan.

Thanks for that! I actually spotted that link after posting but it's definitely very helpful :)

Just saw that trip advisor do a ranking of attractions, that's very cool!