3 Days Left to Register for the Diabetes Unconference and, while we're at it, who's going?

I’ve talked about this a bit, but wanted to put it out there again, a last call and the time is short as the Unconference is a couple of weeks away! @Elena2 had been recently dx’ed last year and I think made a relatively snap decision to go and I am pretty sure she had a pretty good time! Around 100 PWD and this year people’s people who love them are also invited (MrsAcidRock “meh, that’s your thing…” will not be attending…) will connect in person, in a room and talk about what we want to talk about. There are no speakers and very gentle but talented facilitators keep things moving through topics that concern us all. Then, at night, we go out and party.

The Unconference proper is Saturday and Sunday with a get-together on Friday evening to start connecting. Many of us are already getting in touch and the people from last year also have done a very good job and maintaining our friendships online and sometimes IRL. This year, the Unconference has added several days of preUnconference events with sessions on Friday and varied activities on Thursday including hiking, Vegasing and uh, gokarting! The Friday sessions are more D-oriented, starting off with Sugar Surfing, and wrapping up with an introduction to the iLet!

I would encourage anyone feeling alone to take the plunge!

Link to Schedule of Events for Unconference Vegas

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I’ll be there. See you in Vegas!

@Terry4 that’s awesome you’re going to be there. I can’t wait to meet all of you in person.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


I’ll be there and look forward to meeting lots of our members. I know our new community manager @cynthia_rogers is planning to be there as well as @curlysarah. This is a really opportunity to actually meet many of the people in the DOC face to face and to really get to know others in a way that can establish life long friendships. If you can swing it you should go.

I really want to go but am unable to do so due to a family situation and I am bummed! :crying_cat_face:

I am so looking forward to this! Last year was a life changer for me!
The thought of reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones…I might not sleep until Vegas!!

i was going to go ! but i got no more money,!.:cry:

One of these years I will make it-- not this time though unfortunately

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same here.