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Can very strict and medically supervized low calorie diet reverse type 2?

I managed to get to the link, I think this has been discussed before on the list. This very extreme diet does not seem to me to be one that can be followed indefinitely. What would happen to your reversed diabetes if you start eating 1000 calories or more per day after eating 600 for enough time to achieve reversal?

I know. My reaction to this, albeit exciting news, is to wait and see further studies and results, then find out if I’m a good candidate to do this. But you have to have constant medical supervision, 600 calories a day. For a few weeks What about work? Lots to consider, but it’s new research and promising results so far.

Do have a look at the original thread when the news first broke about this study.

There is a link there to the full text of the Newcastle University study (not Diabetes UK) and there is also a link to a full-scale demolition of the study. Up to you to make up your own mind.

Media coverage as usual totally over-the-top and misleading. Headlines (like the one you included) suggest this works for all Type 2. However if you read the full text of the study, it was 11 patients, all of whom were clinically obese and all of whom were still producing a good amount of insulin on their own (all had normal C-peptide levels).

The diet worked by improving their insulin sensitivity. Not remarked upon in the media coverage was that it was a LOW CARB diet.

PS Have just seen your profile page and noted that you are a UK size 6. Please, please, don’t forget this study was carried out on people with BMI of over 30! The sort of person who are told ‘if you diet and lose weight your diabetes might get better’. But you know as well as I do that that is not going to be the case for you and the millions of thin/normal weight Type 2s!!!

I feared it would only be hopeful for those termed as clinically obese … and did frankly wonder how the hell I would cope with a 600 calorie a day diet at my size! thanks so much for giving me original thread, I shall read when I get home this evening :slight_smile:

600 calories/ day is analogous to a concentration camp diet, albeit with higher quality food. This isn’t a viable, long-term solution for people.

I would start tomorrow if it even had a chance of working for a type1. the old term (don’t knock it till you have tried it) could apply here I think. good luck

nice to meet you sugarboy :slight_smile:

I agree. In fact I would turn into the b*tch from hell if I attempted this for longer than a day. Shame it only works on the very overweight … and I can see why peeps would need to be medically supervized … as you say it’s not tenable!

Nice to meet you to, Keep up the good work!