Diabetes reversal diet

the references are well documented on the web by the universities that conducted the studies. In reference to type-1 versus types 2. Science is no longer clear on the distinction other than type 2 don’t usually spill ketones. I did in fact state that the two studies were for type 2 and metobolic syndrome. It is now estimated that 80 percent of pop has diabetes and heading for dis-abilites. Of course there are going to be negative comments from those of you whom have accepted the medical model for this condition and passed on the responsibility. But, before you negate it, research it, talk to those whom are in process. The medical community is quite frankly stumped. My client and friend was told by his indocrinologist that the RAW Food Diet was his only option left.

So should we continue with our insulin and insulin pumps and continue to eat the SAD diet (standard american diet) steak, burgers, cake, pie, bread copious amounts of sugar??? I think not.

think of the possibilites…the freedom…

I’ve never seen a scientific study that failed to understand the many significant distinctions between Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder. I think you misunderstand how well-educated this community is regarding diabetes and current research. If you can’t cite your source and you sound like a conspiracy theorist, we’re unlikely to believe any of your claims.

There is no such thing as a diabetes reversal diet.