Diabetes, Sleep Apnea and Encryption!

Diabetes (especially Type II) and sleep apnea are very common together, and may aggravate each other. There is an electronic forum (built similarly to the forums here) which aims to assist sleep apnea sufferers who use CPAP in actively participating in their CPAP treatment.

According to them, a new mishigas is threatening the involved-patient world. One of the largest CPAP manufacturers has started to encrypt the CPAP and sleep apnea data stored on their machines so that the patient can’t access it directly. The people running that board are afraid that this will become widespread behavior among the CPAP manufacturers, and they (those sleep apnea patients) would like interested people to write to the manufacterers, the health authorities, etc. to express our opposition.

I thought that the people here might be interested. You can read more at Apnea Board Forum - Encryption .


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