New member to the group

Thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to the group. I'm a 41 year old Type 2 originally diagnosed in 1999. I became insulin dependent in 2006 and have been very poorly managing my diabetes ever since.

I recently took what I call a "Diabetes Vacation" that ended up putting me in the hospital with pneumonia and DKA. I've taken this as a wake up call and am now taking much better care of myself. It's going to be a long road back to get myself in better shape, but I'm working on it and taking positive steps.

I just found out that I've been approved by my insurance company (Aetna) for the Dexcom Seven plus. I've had all the paperwork submitted and I've been told that I should be getting a call from a company rep any day now with more information and when I should expect to receive my equipment. I'm really looking forward to gaining more insight into how my BG numbers are affected by everyday activities. I'm confident that with the increased information I can really start taking better care of myself and making better decisions about my health.

I've been reading some of the threads here and look forward to joining the Dexcom group and learning from all the veterans out here. As I use the system, I hope I can contribute information as well.

I'll try and post some updates when I get my equipment and keep everyone up to date.


Welcome Alan! Good for you for getting back on the road to better control. I love my Dexcom, and the data downloads are incredibly useful.

Your introduction is a wake-up call for me. I didn't think Type 2's would get DKA. Was it because you also had pneumonia? What did you do, or not do, on your 'Diabetes Vacation'?
I am going to New Orleans for three days and was planning to eat a lot, wasn't thinking about DKA (not even sure what that is). Of course, I do plan on having 'Dexie' with me at all times. You will like the Dexcom.

Welcome Alan, Good to have you along. Diabetes becomes more and more important as a person goes along and grows with it. Nice to hear you are taking a stand to better management. Nice also to hear your opinion, as a beginner, about purchasing a Dexcom. I'm looking forward to enlarging my repertoire of activities. As it is I keep pretty much to the same activities in order to regulate the diabetic response. Maybe with a Dexi. I can become braver and do more.

Good on you Alan. Welcome to the world of Dexcom! Just curious, how many BG readings do you normally take in a day? Do you take both basal and bolus injections?

Suzan - Basically I just let my depression take over and I stopped taking my insulin, didn't test and basically just ate whatever the heck I felt like. I knew my sugars were out of control and I was drinking fluids like crazy and couldn't go for more than 90 minutes before using the restroom. While I enjoyed the diet and the rapid weight loss from the DKA, I felt like crap and couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate and knew that I was doing lots of harm to my body. I think the pneumonia is what finally put my body over the edge and it just couldn't take it anymore.

As for your New Orleans trip, I would recommend that you enjoy your trip and eat whatever you want. Just do it in moderation, check your sugars and take your medication. I was there a couple of years ago with my father and had a heck of a time.

Will let you know how I like the Dexcom when I finally get it. Long story, look for another post to come about those problems.

TT - Right now I'm on MDI (Levamir 2x a day and NovoLog 3-4x a day depending on meals). As for BG readings, it's usually 6-7 a day. I'm pretty good about checking my BG before meals in order to determine my bolus injection, I'm just not good at carb counting. I tend to be all over the place with my post meal BGs due to inaccurate carb counting. I'm hoping with the additional info I get from the Dexcom will help me level my BG readings. I'm pretty sure I'll end up on a pump at some point, but just trying one new piece of technology at a time. :-)