Diabetes, sports and pure happiness

I would like to share with you the motivation I get from being able to outrun people who do not share what we all have here, being type 1 diabetics. I play basketball 3-4 times a week which keeps my blood sugar under control. The only downside of playing amount of basketball I do play are the horrible lows I have encountered which on a couple incidents have put me in the hospital, including one incident leading to a broken leg. I changed my diet and time of lantus and it has done me well. I want people to know that we can do things, despite this "disease" that handicaps us. After I play basketball for somewhere from 2 to 3 hours on a busy Thursday night I am able to eat up to 50 carbs without any insulin intake. I am lucky to have this passion for playing basketball. This transforms my depression that comes from time to time into some happiness that I truly deserve happening. I forget I am diabetic on the court with some low sugars that can get in the way of that.
Share with everyone what makes you happy and makes you forget what we have to go through on a regular day in the life of a type 1 diabetic.