Diabetes supplies on carry on budget airlines in Europe and xrays

I’m going travelling in Europe this year.

The carry on limit on budget airlines is pretty restrictive like 1 small bag with the dimensions 40cm x 20cm x 25cm (15.7 inches x 7.8 inches x 10 inches) with 7kg limit (15pounds), thats super small … and I’m dreading my diabetes supplies. The dexcom sensors aren’t small and frio bags to carry insulin in are heavy. Even the infusion sets take up space. I’m going for 8 weeks so thats at least 20 of them (not even counting spares which i need to bring in case of occlusions which i get alot). :sob: :sob: :sob:

I can’t put this in my checked in suitcase because:
a. They can’t go through xrays
b. I worry if my suitcase gets lost that’s the end of my trip

Many people say that medical supplies aren’t counted in the weight limit but i haven’t found anything on airline websites to state this.

So I’m curious how do people manage to stay under this limit?

And secondly, do you have issues at airport and at big tourist sites who need you to go through security (colosseum???) to not have to go through xrays???

I will have a medical certificate but not sure whether in a foreign country they will care what it says and insist you go through.

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You could probably ditch the frio bags. Insulin is pretty stable even when not refrigerated. (Of course, you still wouldn’t put it in checked bags both because of the risk of loss and because the baggage compartment in a plane could be subject to extreme temperatures.)

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I also wouldn’t worry about x-rays. I don’t think they’ll damage anything. I wouldn’t let them put your pump through the luggage scanner, though.

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It is definitely problematic, traveling as a diabetic. I once put together a separate bag of medical supplies, and showed this to security, and they allowed it in addition to the carry on bag. But of course, this is case by case, you can’t rely on this.

Re the Frios. You could pack them dry, and then soak them and put the bottles in them when you get to your destination. Unsoaked, they weigh very little.

Thanks. Yeah frio I can do away with. But still have the sensors and infusion sets that take up space and valuable weight.

My guess is that they’ll let you exceed the stated limits because you’re bringing medical supplies, but the only way to know for sure is to contact the airlines or by searching for a medical supplies exemption buried on their websites.

Sensors and pumps can’t go through RF or X-ray scanners, but pump supplies can. When I traveled through Eastern Europe, I placed labels on the spare pump and sensors in the various languages stating: “Medical Equipment, no X-Rays, no RF scanning.” It seemed to help. Ditch the Frio, not cold enough to extend the life of insulin as it does not duplicate refrigerator temperature. There was a recent study that showed insulin was room temperature stable for about 90 days.
Contact the airlines for their policy on medical supplies.