More diabetes pics gone wrong

I just love when people make stock photos for sale when they have no idea what they are doing. Some errors are hard to spot. I posted this before but these are all new ones


Oh come on, lets not be so critical. At my house we love moldy coconut.

Do you inject your moldy coconut with insulin? Cause if you do then I see the comparison, otherwise I don’t see it.


I think the moldy cupcake/bread thing is just poorly categorized on the stock photo site. I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be an infographic on penicillin.


Love the 500 units of insulin. Possibly a “how to” suicide website?


Wait, you can just inject the insulin right into the food and eliminate the middleman? How come no one ever told me this? All this time I’ve been needlessly jabbing myself with the needle! Forty years and all this time I’ve been doing it wrong! And then it turns out you can just show your blood to the meter to get a reading? This is one of those “One simple trick THEY don’t want you to know!” links isn’t it.


Rea,y my favorite is where this woman is scanning her G6 with her phone, cause how would she know.


I love the caption that accompanies it. For some reason I crack up every time I look at that one.

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I know this is so weird, but back in the day of U40 insulin drawing that sort of load was not unheard of. I saw my mom with her glass syringes draw a load of insulin like that.

My mom usually used at least a vial a week of R and perhaps 3/4 vial of L. She also took one shot per day and would often mix the R and L to lessen injections.

In fact when first diagnosed I mixed my morning R and L before Humulin. Making the injection load so large.

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I did that too with nph and I would get maybe 25-30 units but that’s nothing compared to that syringes. U see how fat it is?


Yeah, me too. Standard practice. Along with splitting your Chemstrips the long way to make your supply last longer.


Oh I never tried that. What am i saying i wanted to run out ASAP.

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You mean you didn’t start using yellow Test Tape in urine ?? Or the tablets you mixed in test tube that got hot and bubbled up?

I know we are hijacking a really good thread about mis-labled stock photos.

But there have been some fun nostalgic posts about treating T1D in the distant past.

So yes, MM1, I did start treating my T1D with the then-latest technology of Tes-Tape. The idea was to discover if your blood sugar level was so high that it spilled into the urine. This technology could detect that, at least it could if you were not color-blind. I guess if it did not spill, you thought you were doing something right. That, of course, was not true, since your TIR could have been just terrible, but not enough to spill glucose into urine.

I recently found an old box of Test Tape:


Which of course was called juvenile diabetes, not Type 1 in those days.

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I’m used to mg/dL, so I had to look up 24.5 mmol … approx 440? … eek!!! At the very least they should be checking for ketones, and assessing their infusion site if using a pump. The glucose meter company wants you to discover how crazy your blood sugar is by using their meter???

You REALLY need to buy our meter! Like, REALLY REALLY REALLY need our meter! Don’t delay! Buy it now … before you’re in a coma from DKA!


I am sure that a few of us used test tape, waited for the tablet to hopefully boil blue, mixed insulins, and used glass syringes. Oh the good old days.


I was a little late to the party for Tes-Tape, but my record does say “Juvenile Type” even though I was 28 at diagnosis. My doc explained the necessity for the upcoming change in terminology but it hadn’t been formally adopted yet (1983) so I was stuck with the old term. I was in grad school and the dx came right at the end of term, so I had to write off to my advisor, a Brit, to request an extension on my seminar paper. He had that wry, Brit sense of humor, and in his reply he quipped, “It must be even more annoying to have the juvenile kind.”


Some of us have arrested development, never quite moving from juvenile to adulthood. Teaching 12-13 year old kids kind of made that connection for me. I would have to restrain myself are they would reel me into their shenanigans. Worst some of them knew how to do just that.

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I think I missed the glass syringe. Started with monoject?? Later BD.