Diabetes with Friends Around

I know there hasn’t been any chats going on latley, but I have a problem. My friend keeps on shoving sugar and food I can’t have in my face. I also have celiac disease so I can’t have wheat, rye, and barley. So I have to be careful what I eat through diabetes and celiac and I don’t know what to do. I have told her I can’t have that kind of stuff, but it’s not working. Then I have other friends who are to protective of me, they mother me. Saying I can’t eat something when I really can and I tell them nicely I am the one with diabetes I know what I can eat and can’t, but thats not working either help!!!

I went through a similar thing with my friends. theyd always snatch food out of my hands like cookies or candy and be like omg can you eat that? But i just explained to them that being diabetic doesnt mean that i have a certain diet...i can eat whatever i want whenever i want just like you as long as i cover it with insulin. However, because i have celiac disease i cant eat gluten, just like any other person that has celiac disease. But if worst comes to worse, although its a bit drastic, you can give your friends a taste of their own medicine to show what it feels like when they draw attention to your eating. if your friend tells you "omg you cant eat that can you?" or something to that effect when youre eating foods high in sugar throw it back at them when theyre eating something equally as sugary and be sarcastic and over the top and say "omg you cant eat that can you?" until they get the message and understand how you feel. Best wishes

-Erin T1D 18