DiabetesTalkFest and DiabetesDaily sport new Home Pages!

Our friends over at DiabetesTalkFest and DiabetesDaily are sporting new home pages.

Gina and Jon’s site dedicated to diabetes chats now sports a fresher look with a new color palette where the services of the site are easier to visualize (big type!) You can access the past chat transcripts and stay abreast of upcoming guest chat sessions.

DiabetesDaily David and Elizabeth's site also is sporting a new look with the same colors. The layout has changed to present more content when you first land on the home page, along with a very visible button for Newly Diagnosed folks and a spot for a diabetes video.

Congrats to both on the redesigned home pages!

Thanks Manny!

Thanks to YOU and Jon for what you do to help people touched by diabetes connect, amiga.

Looking good!

Thanks for the plug, Manny. You are our featured video tomorrow. :slight_smile: I see how to tweak the code now so I’ll be posting many of your announcements in the future.

PS: When you are not logged in to the site, there’s a Join link at the end of the comments but not a login link. You need to scroll up to the top of the page and find the login link there. It’s a minor annoyance, but easily fixed.