Diabetic alert bracelets

Hi, does anyone know if there is any important information, symbols ect I should include on a diabetic alert bracket? I have spoken to a paramedic friend of mine who said that as long as it says type one diabetic it should be fine and my diabetic educator basically Said the same, although another paramedic I talked to you said it should include a symbol. This is the one I’m thinking about getting, it’s just a customizable gold bar bracelet, so no symbol.


The thing is I am having a hard time striking with the balance between being distinct enough to spot for others and paramedics and not feeling like I’m wearing a ugly bracelet, but I’m kind of concerned it will be too subtle.
Oh and also I wear a omni pod pump so I don’t know if that information should be included?

Have any of you had experiences with this situation?


I wore a Medic Alert brand bracelet for years and people frequently commented on the "pretty bracelet" not realizing that it was a medical ID. I've since switched to Lauren's Hope, but I think I'll go back to Medic Alert because they have a much more subtle emblem that also seems to be more recognized by medical professionals (I frequently had doctors ask to see my Medic Alert bracelet, that's happened much less since I've switched). Also, Medic Alert has a toll-free number that doctors can call, so you could put your OmniPod information there. I do have "on insulin pump" engraved on my bracelet, but I'm on a tubed pump (I don't know if emergency doctors would know what "OmniPod" means if it were on a bracelet).

Thanks I have looked at Medic Alert and Lauren’s hope and honestly realistically I don’t think I would want to wear the styles they offer, that’s my dilemma, I have to have something recognizable yet something cute I know I will wear. I was just wondering about including Omni pod as well as pump is because unlike a pump with a tube it would be difficult to see the pod on me. I think all that info would be good but I’m not sure how essential it would be to like a paramedic? I mean I am sure that is important information but the most important fact is that I am a type one diabetic right? I guess at least it should say my name as well? Do you know if it should have the medical sign as well or is it just fine to say have it say type one diabetes?