Wording on new medic alert bracelet

I just purchased a new bracelet to be engraved as my medic alert bracelet. Now my problem is deciding exactly what to put on it.

Diabetic? IDDM? Diabetes? Type 1 diabetic? I’ve thought about calling our local fire house and ask what they think is best, and I still might do that.

What do you have on your medic alert tag?

Hi Cara and Happy New Year!
My bracelet tags are from Medic Alert in Canada, and they decide on some of the wording. It used to say “Insulin Dependent-Diabetes Mellitus.” Last year I ordered a new tag and was told they have changed the wording. Now it says “Type 1 Diabetes-On Insulin Pump.”

Now that I write this, I see the word “insulin” is in both phrases. Might be a good idea to make sure is says that somewhere, so you are never mistaken for a T2 which they may treat differently?

“IDDM” and “juvenile diabetes” are now called type 1 diabetes, so I would use that.

My bracelet says the same as Nadine’s (among other things), but I’m also in Canada and my bracelet is from Medic Alert and I also wear a pump. I think type 1 diabetes is pretty clear, and any medical professional should know people with type 1 are insulin dependent. I think the insulin pump information is important to have if you are on a pump because it’s important they know you’re not taking long-acting insulin so need some form of insulin delivery (IV, shots) if you’re not connected to your pump. I was told by my diabetes nurse during pump training that a surprising number of doctors DON’T know this and that I should have a card in my wallet saying it, but I don’t carry that around even though I should.

“Diabetic.” Sweet and simple and easy to read. If they read it they will check my blood sugar immediately. I’m pretty sure if it’s low, they will give an IV to raise it, and it doesn’t matter if you’re Type 1 or 2 but I could be wrong (any EMT’s out there?) If I’m unconscious then any EMT will know how to treat it. If and when I go on the pump I will probably add, “On Pump.” Again, keep it simple, they will know what on pump means. If they don’t, then I don’t want them treating me! :slight_smile:

My bracelet says “Diabetes-Insulin Pump”. The one thing I was recently told to by a fire fighters wife is that you should always wear your medic alert on your right wrist because that is where emergency responders check first.

mine says

“Diabetes/Insulin Dependent/Wallet Card”

I like how it tells them to check the wallet card, which has my doctor and current meds as well as other emergency contact info.

I want to get a new one that says insulin pump, but that can wait.

Mine says Type 1 Diabetic and Insulin Pump…they are two separate links on a bracelet.

Mine says ,

“this patient has diabetes. See wallet card for more info”

but then again mine isn’t custom. its just from wal-mart. but it works perfectly fine.
and then i have a wallet card in my wallet (obviously lol) and that has all my info on it. like my moms number what to do if im found unconciouss and my Endos name and number on it

Hey Cara, I was a first responder for over 30 years and anything that said the person was Type 1 or insulin/ dependent was a huge help for us. It made it complicated to say the least when the person was a Type 1 had no ID whatsoever. I agree too with Nadine, you dont want to be confused with a T-2.

I agree call your first responders too and see what they say… Happy New Year too…

My says Diabetes, Hypertension, and all 18,000 allergies. LOL. The card in my wallet says I’m Type 1. Hope someone reads it if I pass out.

I don’t have a ton of space to put many words, does insulin diabetic make sense enough? I want to be clear about my condition, but if the letters are too small, it defeats the purpose. Does T1 diabetic make sense?

My old one broke 2 weeks ago, and its time to bury it and get the new one. In the meantime, I feel so strange without it on.

If you could fit in “Type1/Diabetic” that would be great!

I’ll ask my engraver, thanks Pauly!

I actually have 2 bracelets. One is a medic alert with Diabetes and main allergies. the other [both on same arm], has Type II diabetic on insulin. and other serious conditions that should be known.

When I was first diagnosed in 1984, Medic Alert suggested I put “Diabetes - Takes Insulin”. A few years later, they said it should be changed to “Diabetes - Insulin Dependent.” Also, if you have a religious affiliation, they say you could consider putting that on. Like if you are JW, you won’t accept blood. I still have my old ones from the mid 80’s that says “Diabetes Takes Insulin.” I’d use whatever Medic Alert suggests. Medic Alert gets feedback on what is good or bad with the terms they use on bracelets.

hi cara, mine has my name, diabetis type 2, on lantus, all diabetics and others need med info on them always, have great day, i take insulin injections, have great day

mine says diabetes-insulin pump–then all my other stuff

I need to get a medical bracelet. Where is the best place to purchase one?

Mine just says “Diabetic” & I have a card taped to the inside of my wallet that says Type 1, insulin dependent with other info. After reading the posts, I should get one that states Diabetic T1. I like my bracelet because it’s a squared bangle that looks like a regular bracelet & comfortable, but it doesn’t have enough info.