Diabetic coma and left with permanant brain damage

hi,my husband had a diabetic fit which he went it to a coma which resulted with a swelling on the brain,he was in a coma for a week and a half,in which hes been in hospital for 3 weeks now ive been told now he has permanent brain damage and is waiting to go to a rehabilitation center,he is always confused and babbles on about things that have never happened but in his mind they have.He stares in to space a lot,sometimes he seems normal but then hell go off again.He has been put on depression drops as hey say he has underline depression.Andrew had to do an assesment the other day which would have allowed him to come home but failed so now we are waiting for him to go to a rehabilitation center,which i am dissapointed about as i thought that being in his own enviroment might have been good for him and im willing to be there all the time and help with his rehabiliation,but the doctors say his confussion is too much and hes not safe to be at home.

I'm sorry to hear this, I hope he gets back some of his capacity through the rehabilitation. It's very hard, I'm sure, for you both.

I'm so sorry about this. It is a lot to get one's mind around, let alone, get used to - it makes it doubly hard when it's so sudden. We'll all be thinking of you and him, and the family, during this time. I hope you don't have long to wait before he can get started on rehab. And I hope with you that rehab and medication bring about some relief in the symptoms.

Thanks for letting us know!

I'll be sending healing thoughts for him!

Best wishes,


I'm so sorry to hear, It is the worst case scenario really. It is hard to compare anything to that !
I had a seizure once when I was in my last year at university. I was so overtired that I took my bolus twice. Luckily My roommate called the Paramedics when I began to seize at my desk fast asleep. I spent one night in the Hospital, but that was is it. I feel like I dodged a bullet. These days I have a CGM pretty much 24-7., and my pump keeps track of my boluses !
There must be some of you out there on injections that forget weather or not you took one.
It used to happen to me a lot, but only once did I really get nailed!
I'm hoping for his speedy recovery and thank god he is still alive!

I used to have seizures 2-3 times per year when I was on Regular and NPH as a young kid...the worst was when they thought that I had had a stroke. I couldn't talk appropriately (I knew what I wanted to say but the wrong words came out- expressive aphasia) and couldn't move one side of my body well. I got better but it was a couple weeks before I was normal.

I'm so sorry for your husband's situation. I do know that the brain is POWERFUL and that there's something called neuroplasticity, where specialists train parts of the brain that are damaged. The damaged part may not improve, but another area may take over. I treat neurologically impaired patients for physical therapy and see "horrible" cases that make improvement- and many times a lot of it. Keep hope, and we will be thinking of you!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you, to him and your family and friends.

That's very sad, I am sorry to hear this. It's terrible what diabetes complications can cause. We need to fight hard to get rid of this disease once and for all, and sooner rather than later.

I'm so sorry that this has happened, but the brain is wonderful. Give him time, I surely hope and think that he will greatly improve. My best to you both.

How horrible for Andrew and you his family ...you will be in my thoughts ..I just don't know what to say .

I've come through 2 DKA comas. After the 1st (I was "out" for 5 days) I noticed some loss of higher level brain functioning but happily I'm back to 90% of where I was prior to the event. I'm told I had some "screaming fits" but don't recall any of it. Happily I came back somehow and hope the same happens for your husband.

So sorry to hear that. How painful for you and the rest of your family! I'm hoping that he will have some recovery in the weeks to come -- it might be slow, but I think it's too early to tell right now. Having had the experience of a diabetic coma and subsequent stay in a rehab hospital (because the docs didn't think I was functioning well enough mentally to be safe at home), I know how difficult it must be for you, and I am hoping for the best possible outcome!

I am so sorry to hear about your husband! Your thoughts and prayers are with him and you at this time! Keep thinking positively and everything will be alright.