Richard Vaughn

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Please keep 67 year survivor of Type 1 Diabetes and inspiring, active member of our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) in your prayers.

From my pal Richard Vaughn ~ Hello world, I am in the hospital. My brain was bleeding, and they are trying to drain the blood off. I hope it works!! It is 3 days in the hospital now. I hope I can keep in touch!!

Richard, sending you some healing thoughts and prayers for a full recovery. My very first day of being a member of TuDiabetes, I read your story here, and was given a large dose of optimism of my future as a long time type1. Also heard about the Joslin medalist program from you, and looking forward to getting my 50 year medal in 5 years.

Hi Richard. You are an inspirations to me and I enjoy hearing about the Joslin studies (as Marie mentioned). Get well very, very soon!

Very best wishes Richard, hold on in there.

Oh my, Richard you are an inspiration to all of us on TuD. I hope to see a post from you soon saying you're home and doing better!

Good luck with your current medical problems. Your optimism and good attitude have served your health well in the past. I trust your nature (and modern medicine) will help you meet this challenge! Please keep us posted.

Richard I said it b/f and I'll say it again ur one of my hero's my prayers are always with u!

Hang in there, Richard!! Hang in there, man!!

Aww, Dear Friend Richard. I'm sorry that you are not doing so well at this time.
Hopefully they will be able to find the reason for the bleeding and fix the problem.
You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. (Maybe Anita can sneak you in some real food
too). ;o) Good wishes that you'll be out and about soon.

Thank you for letting us know Karen.

Glad to read on FB Richard also provided a very positive update !

He said he's doing better and hoping to get back on his feet so he can escape the hospital shortly. The force is strong with this one...

Good News!!!!

LOL! Relieved to hear that he is doing better. That's Richard our Hero. :D

Richard, so sorry to hear that you are hospitalized. We veterans have to encourage each other. I will include you in my prayers. We fight this disease and if we're fortunate enought to avoid some of the complications we consider ourselves fortunate but as I always say hopefully for you this is another bump in the road we've travelled.

i hope you are home soon and back to your old self again! we are thinking about you here!

Richard you’re a huge inspiration to a lot of us here on TuD. Stay strong my friend…you’re in my prayers.

Richard you are one of the first diabetic friends ever I made and your kind words have always inspired me. I am praying for you and hope for a speedy recovery.You are invaluable to your family and especially your friends here at Tudiabetes and Diabetes Daily.

Dear ARE indeed kept in prayer.
That you may FULLY recover. Know that are ALL here....supporting.

Richard, I am wishing you best of luck!