Diabetic Commercial

There is a commercial for a diabetic “club” that just drives me crazy. This woman sits there and whines "I have to stick my finger and complains that she had to code her meter.

Does anyone else find this commercial irritating. I just want to slap her aand say ;“Grow up”

Joe have not seen this commercial yet.

I know exactly what commercial you’re talking about. It drives me crazy, too! How hard is it to code a meter? Seriously.

It’s also funny how they fail to mention that sure, she wouldn’t have to prick her finger, but she’d have to prick her arm or other site. Totally misleading!

But isn’t this our biggest complaint? Good grief.

I understand who they are marketing to; Newly diagnosed older people, who may be initially put off by all the gadgetry and the regimens…I have talked to many folks like the woman pictured who find all the information and diabetic rituals overwhelming at first… We are not talking about people who get on the internet or even have a computer…Testing and coding IS a major deal for them…


wish that was my biggest problem.

Not irritated. I don’t take it out on the poor woman (who is an actor, anyway). The company is trying to sell their product so they exaggerate the problem they claim to solve. Just like an anti-perspirant manufacture will claim that your underarms will gush like a geyser if you don’t use their product.

I find the ‘this is your LIFELINE’ guy irritating.


Haven’t seen the commercial, but I completely understand why it frustrates you!

I also get frustrated by the focus on meters that you don’t need to code. I don’t claim to thoroughly enjoy coding my meter, but if I had to choice where money is invested that would be one of the last places that I would try to improve my diabetes care!

I’ve seen the ad too. I would slap the lady and say “you have other option, you know”. It is the company that I would like to punch. They should know better than trying to insult us.

Oh yes. That commercial is very annoying. It is not like you have to code the meter every single time. She is an older lady, so she is old enough to be not complaining. Stop it already!

Haven’t seen it either…
But wish that was a big problem for me… But I have other things to worry about…
You know? Like school, college choices, life, family, friends, and watching and controlling my blood sugars…

It’s not that hard to code my OneTouch, put the strip in, push the arrow buttons to the number and BAM! CODED baby! =)
as for the pricking of the finger, used to it…

Good Point.
I would never use that company for my diabetic supplies.

Yes, coding our meters isn’t Rocket Science. I kinda think it’s a no brainer. It take more an effort to messure and mix the insulin.“And I have to stick my belly!” whine whine.

Seen it and all I have to say to her is what if you were like me back in the early 70’s and had to pee in a cup to test your urine??? Life has gotten SOOOOOO much better for us diabetics!!! She really gets me! Being a diabetic really isn’t all that bad there’s worse things out there!!! Now can I whine about what I had to do back when?

George Bernard Shaw once said; “Getting older doesn’t make you smarter, only older. A young fool doesn’t get wise with age . The young fool only becomes an old fool.”