BG's on TV


I understand Target Marketing and all that. For once I would love to see a diabetes spot on TV that had someone under the age of 45. The other thing I would like to see is when they show the result on the glucometer that they’re whoring out a number other than 93. Maybe someone who nails a 212 and then show the reaction.


I get kinda jealous when I see that damn 93!


I’m imagining the typical commercial with a kind-looking, white haired gentleman talking about how big of an adjustment diabetes is, but it’s all OK now because he has his great, easy-to-use new meter. And then he sees the number. And there’s a string of cuss words. And he’s shouting to his wife, “Thelma! We’re out of **** syringes and my bloodsugar is 212!”


Come to my house this weekend, we’ll shoot one. I’m already working on the script.

“Hi, I’m Kris. I know I’m only 19, I look nothing like Wilford Brimley and I prounce “diabetes” correctly. But I really am diabetic, I swear. Nearly everyone will tell you that being diagnosed is a huge change. I’m not here to tell you that. I’m not here to say otherwise, either. Fact is I don’t know. I was diagnosed when I was one, so I was getting needles in my butt before I could even wipe it for myself. Anyway, buy the new AccuGlucoTouch X3000 blood glucose meter. I just ate 3 grapes and my blood sugar is 237, so I know it works.”

By the way, I so want this shirt:


Kris, the link didn’t work for me :frowning:


I always screw it up. Just copy and paste onto your browser.


Or this one featuring a middle-aged male of any race . . .

“Hi. I have diabetes, but I’m not here to talk about that. I want to talk about my erectile dysfunction, because that’s where my priorities are. Why worry about control when this pill can help me get it up?”


Good one!


The commercials don’t even need to have “celebrities”…BB King, Aretha Franklin…the list goes on. Maybe just normal people. Maybe even to go as far as Hershey’s putting out a commercial that has a non-diabetic asking a diabetic if they can have that candy bar and then explaining why. Maybe that’s too much.


Amen! It’s not just TV ads, though. Flip through an issue of Diabetes Forecast and every other page has an ad for a meter with a BG reading between 90 and 115. I remember seeing one once that had a displayed reading of something like 135 and I almost soiled myself. Seriously…it doesn’t have to be over 200, just something over 150 and it wouldn’t serve as such a reminder that I am far from perfect in managing my diabeetus…


Good idea!! But how much you wanna bet they will never do that???


Let’s not be naive, fellow diabetics. Don’t you know that it’s the meter that controls your blood sugar levels? If you have the right meter you’ll have the right control.

Why would anyone buy a meter that puts your BG above 150? Wouldn’t you always want one that shows that you’re in range? Of course you would!

That’s why I am developing the new “BS BG Meter” which will never show a BG below 85 or above 107.

Take Control! Buy a BS!!

Watch for the ad in DIabetes Forecast . . .


Can I preorder? I want mine to say 99 everytime.


I think this ad’s a little more accurate…Thanks LJ.


I’m glad that I can get when i can get readings like those advertised readings! I’m glad too that one reading is definitely not a forever kind of situation.

“Beetus” - From what I’m googled, a lot of older (even compared to this 52-year old) folks learned that currently disfavored pronuncation somewhere. One source I read said that it was an OK pronunciation in the past. My maternal grandmother (who would have been about 100 now) had worked for many years as a nurse. She pronounced it as “beetus”. When I was a kid, I wasn’t so sure how to say it. I would say things like “I’m a diabetic” to avoid the issue.

As a adult, I say “beat ease”, like most of us do now. Maybe the company Wilford represented knew exactly what they were doing when he said “Beetus”. Their marketing (and Wilford’s appeal) was definitely to older folks.

I would like to see ads aimed at type 1’s. I’m a type 1. I was once an 11-year old type 1. The problem is we are a niche market compared to the vast & ever-growing "epidemic of type 2’s.


I agree on aiming some towards Type 1. I always find it funny that ads for Lantus insulin, start off by saying “are for type 2 or type 1 patients 6(not really sure of exact age) or older.” Type 2 comes first even though all type 1s require insulin. Of course, I guess that means they don’t really have to advertise to us, since there is really no option for us to go without it.


Terry, you damn near have me in tears at work, I am laughing so hard.

I want to pre-order my meter from you NOW. LOL


Not only do the meters show great bs levels, but the people always seem to enjoy the most active and fun lifestyles. It’s like, once they see their bloodsugar is 93, they run off with their Golden Retrievers in tow and then enjoy a picnic on the beach - and I bet after they eat, their blood sugar is only 94! lol


It’s like advertising companies use the Stay Free Maxi-Pad commercial as a model. “With my new (insert meter name here), I can swim, ride a bike, I can do anything!”.

There’s a new one from Pfizer that talks about burning sensations in the legs and feet. The voice over guy says, “…even diabetics that have control of their BG can experience this pain”. Almost as if there’s nothing positive about living with diabetes. Is the media trying to tell us that because we are living with a chronic disease that we’re doomed to fail…we’re already behind the 8-ball?