Diabetic doggie detectors

I was watching something on tv the other day about a woman in England who has a small dog that is trained to detect it´s owners hypos from the smell of her sweat - does anyone else know more about this and if it´s possible to train your own pooch to do this? I would love to know more as we recently aquired a young dog but he is absolutely loopy at the moment- we love him to bits but it would be a bonus if he was able to do this for me too !!!



Here is a link to an interesting site that appears to be a clearinghouse for information. Might be of use. Unfortunately, I have heard some negative things about one of the northern California "doggie detectors" so I think people need to proceed with caution and maybe get referrals.

When I first moved to Mississippi from California my daughter and son-in-law decided that it all seemed like a good idea. I had just started a new job and was had health insurance for the first time in several years. I saw the endo and he started me on the regime I am on now. At first there were issues with me having lows. One of my daughters dogs, a big ole hairy beast named Charlie, knew when I was going low and would not leave my wife and daughter alone until they checked on me and had it corrected.

Dog was never trained, but he was never wrong either.

many thanks for that !

thanks for that, looks interesting, I will certainly go further with this as I think it´s amazing
Loobyloo xxx

wow, what a pooch ! would love my hound to do something like that !

Hi loobyloo. We have a group called www.tudiabetes.org/group/diabetesalertdogs, which might be of interest to you.

I was looking into this online only to find out that the cost of training a diabetic service dog is long and costly so usually severe cases in children are the ones who get the dogs the most. I found one site online that said they could teach you how to train your own dog to be a diabetic dog.