Diabetic Eyes

When my bloodsugar goes low, it really shows in my eyes, anything below 100 and I get what I call "Diabetic Eyes".

With age it all has increased the puffiness/bags below my eyes, which become more intense with lower bloodsugars.

Anyone else get "Diabetic Eyes" with low bloodsugars?

MrsAcidRock just looks at me and goes ‘you’re low’!


When I go below a certain point, about 50, I cannot see the number on the meter. When I call the wife for help in the middle of the night she says my dam diabetic eyes are not working again. Of course, I just really like getting her up to talk to me while I am low. I like the attention. LOL

rick phillips

no not really !!! Its a joke

I dont get anything that anyone else can detect sans trembling in my voice. From my side, I get the shimmers and have for years. Sub 50mg/dl like Rick. Ive been getting them since I was about 20. I think it was an early onset of retinopathy.

I get flashing lights sometimes. My husband can tell lows before I do. He says I get a glazed, far away look in my eyes. I’ll argue that I’m fine, but he’s usually right. Don’t know if my eyes are puffy, but the rest of me feels puffy:)

Ahhh the glazed look, that is what I am talking about too :slight_smile:

Deer in the headlights:)

My best friend can tell I'm low because apparently I get a really vacant look in my eyes...like they're totally nonfocused.


I went through a period of time when I couldn't recognize lows. My husband and mom could tell before I could. They commented about the "look in my eyes" but never mentioned puffiness.

When I have a hard low my eyes jerk. Maybe pre-convulsions? Who knows. It complicates the recovery, because I can't visually focus on anything (juice box, etc) or make my way to a chair because everything in sight is jumping around.

I've always wanted to see some tv special on exactly how the body responds to low blood sugars. After a hard low I get bone cold and can't warm up in less I stand in a hot shower. Possibly my body in shock?