Blood sugar / blood color

Have any other frequent testers noticed a correlation here?

I’ve been a T1 for 14 years, but in the last few months I’ve just started to notice a connection.
When my bloodsugar is low-normal... my blood sample is super super dark, almost black.
As the numbers go higher, the blood becomes lighter and lighter red...
this is so accurate that I can tell my bloodsugar withtin 20-30 points before the results come up.

Anyone else seen this?!

Mine go the other way the lower I am the lighter and less viscus my blood and the higher I go my blood gets thicker and darker

Same as s69…Mine gets darker and more viscous when I’m high, more watery when I’m low.

Yep mine is opposite too. Darker and thicker when high

Mine is the opposite as well. The lower the lighter, the higher the darker.

mine’s the same way! when i get high, it gets light. when im low, it gets dark…


I’ve been a diabetic for almost 11 years now and I’ve noticed that about my blood. Mine is also like yours, high=light & low/normal=dark ; I’m glad I’m not the only one, thought I was going nuts or something LOL

Mine is lighter when my sugars are lower to normal range and gets thicker and darker as my number goes higher. I think the more liquids(particularly water) and watery foods that a person drinks/eats, is a cause for lighter blood also since it dilutes.

I’ve never noticed this. However, my blood is a different consistency based on BG. Lower BG = much runnier blood. Higher BG = much thicker blood. I assume that the higher BG blood is thicker because there is literally more glucose in it.

My daughters changes as well in accordance with highs/lows, I noticed this one week ago (one week post diagnosis). A friend of mine that’s been T1 since age 11 who is now 35 yrs old recently told me that when his blood thickens/darkens he pops an asprin to assist in avoiding a heart attack.

My blood is always darker when normal and lighter/thinner when high. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t need to see the number to start feeling bad about my control…

I never thought of this before. Interesting! Come to think of it, mine is lighter, thinner when low. Am going to pay closer attention now.

I’ve thought that too Danny… when high it has a metallic taste.

A slightly different perspective. When I have trouble getting a drop of blood to test, the blood will be lighter and I may get a higher number than I expected. Often I will re stick myself and retest. If I have an easier time getting a sample it will usually be darker and my results will be lower.

So which is correct? I always believe the lower one :slight_smile:

Only notice if BS is quite high. Blood thicker and a deep red color. Rest of the time, lighter red and not as thick. I have noticed sometimes blood is also “runny”. But have not noticed that, when runny, it correlates to a lower low.