Diabetic friendly desserts :)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I knwo that I certainly miss being able to pick absoloutly any cake off the shelf and not having to worry about sugar levels etc. So i have recently set out to try and find as many recipies as possible for low sugar desserts. I went on the diabetes uk website and they had alot of ideas, but none of them low sugar, just low fat. So if you have any that are tested and trusted please let me know! It would be great if we could all share some together :slight_smile:

It’s not a recipe and it’s not really low sugar dessert, but you should look at New York style Cheesecake. We recently bought a rather large such cake and I was surprised to find only 13 grams of carbs per slice (for a really big slice).

Hi Katy,

Here are some sites for great low carb desserts. There are also recipes at Recipes for Diabetics link on the right side of the page. You can search “desserts” on this site.

Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes http://genaw.com/lowcarb/index.html
The Low Carb Cafe www.lowcarbcafe.com
Low Carb Luxury http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/index.html
Simply Recipes http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/low_carb/
Low Carb Eating http://lowcarbeating.com/

Thanks for the links!

Hope you find some you like. Enjoy!

Katy, there is a chef and cook book writer George Stella that does all low carb cooking, you may want to check him out. My wife has learned a lot of methods that she uses for other recipes. http://www.stellastyle.com/

This is my favorite coconut pie– there are many other great desserts on that website.

For the coconut pie, I use 1 cup of Splenda and 1.5 cups of coconut and this makes it more dessert like. I use a low carb flour instead of almond flour (because almond flour is really expensive).


Yum! Can’t wait to try this.

Kristin, this looks really good. Can’t wait to make it. I didn’t know they make low carb flour. Where do you find it?

Hmmm…sounds delish! Im going to try it too.

Pavlos, I will have to check that out. My absolutely most favorite desert, and I really miss it. Only 13 carbs? Oh yeah, I am so there eating it.

Great links. Thank you so much.

Tell me about low carb flour. What do you get and where?

Thank you so much for you all your replies!!
My mum won’t be able to shift me out of the kitchen now :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s amazing!! thank you am going on there as we speak :slight_smile:

We buy ours here http://www.netrition.com/ This product in particular http://www6.netrition.com/tova_carbalose_page.html has given excellent flavor and very good BG readings. If you like pancakes, Netrition also sells big train pancake mix which works well too.

Can you not get it in normal shops then? I’ve been looking through ingredients on alot of recipies and so many of them are really expensive or hard to find :S

I should have mentioned that this was bought from Krogger’s. I don’t know if another store brand or homemade will be the same, but this wasn’t a special low carb cake or anything like that so I assume they would all be about the same.

I love that cheesecake also. It’s become my favorite middle-of-the-night treatment for lows. Since I usually wake up very hungry when I’m low I tend to overcompensate, but when I can have a large slice of this wonderful cheesecake I am satisfied enough.

I must say that sometimes I look forward to a low just so I can eat the cheesecake :slight_smile:

I live in Europe so the brands are different here, but I know that there is a a brand called “Carbquik” in the USA. Also look on the Netrition website (www.netrition.com) that Dave Moran recommended. They have lots of good low carb products there.

Normal flours are 65-80% carb (that means that 100g of flour has 65-80g of carb in it). The flour that I use (called Diabetistar) has 43g carb in every 100g of flour. Carbquik has about 50g carb in every 100g.

You can also use almond flour (which is just finely ground almonds). These products are quite expensive, but what I often do is buy walnuts in bulk and grind them finely in the food processor. I can replace at least half the flour in a recipe with ground walnuts. This is a much cheaper option.

Another warning-- most of the shredded coconut that you buy in the USA is already sweetened (with sugar). Look for unsweetened coconut!