Diabetic Friendly or Semi-Diabetic Friendly Resturants....Where are they?

OK, I have been DX w/ diabetes for a while. I wanted to know if there is a great place to eat that is either 1) Diabetic Friendly or 2) Semi-Diabetic Friendly. Where are they and what do you eat? Please list the Resturant and location (city, state).

I like going to…

  1. Applebee’s- quesdailla (I know I messed up on the spelling) burger, sub the fries for broccoli w/ cheese.-Nationwide
  2. Red Lobster- 1/2 of a cheddar biscuit (can’t resist), Tillapi (sorry about the spelling) fish or salmon, salad (balsamic ving), broccoli w/ cheese.-Nationwide
  3. Olive Garden-Half of the breadstick(whole has 26g carbs), zuppa tuscana soup.-Nationwide
  4. Ritchies Diner- OMG, they have the BEST green bean’s I have ever tasted in a resturant (they make me want to smack my momma; just a figure of speech). Ham and salad-Murrieta, CA

I bought a book that my nutritionist recommended. It’s called The Calorie King. It list different restaurants, meals and the amount of carbs, calories, and fat they have or you can also check out their website its www.calorieking.com. I learned I can go to Applebees, Olive Garden, and other restaurants and still enjoy myself without worrying about massive sugar highs.

thank you! I have never heard of the calorie king:) I am going to check it out

I think that any resturant that either 1.) provides nutritional information at the location or, 2.) provide said information online could be considered diabetic friendly. If I find a resturant that doesn’t really have that information (non-chain resturants) then I just try my best the guess at the carbs based on past experiences with similar food. You also have more wiggle room when you’re taking insulin injections or are on a pump - since you can offset anything you might want to eat with insulin. :slight_smile: