Diabetic-md feet ulcer treatment

Hope this issue never touches any of you guys but for those having troubles with it here's an interesting article in my local news column that I find to be useful:


My granny is suffering a non-healing sore right now and I'm searching the options for her. Our doc seems not to care a lot about that;(( He keeps telling that antibiotics must work eventually if not amputation is the only option.

I'd really appreciate any comments regarding the article and suggestions as for the ways to help healing.

I think that you need to find a different doctor for your grandmother. If she has an infection, she obviously needs antibiotics, but antibiotics will not help her heal without proper wound treatment. Take her to either a good wound center or a doctor that specializes in treating wounds. They will be up on current treatments in wounds. A big thing in wound treatment today is some kind of honey-wrap (I am sorry that I don’t have the exact name for you).

I did go thru a bad wound and was able to save my leg by going to a good wound center. I still see one of the doctors that I met there. Someone on another message board posted about the product you asked about the week I had an appointment with him so I told her that I would ask about it. This doctor specializes in wounds and his practice is made up entirely of wound patients. He has patients coming from other states to see him. When I asked him about that spray, he said it was a scam. Oxygen sprays do not work.

There are things that can slow down healing that should be checked. It is common to be anemic if you have a wound. Being anemic can slow down healing so that needs to be treated. Protein levels can be low and that also slows down healing. Besides eating more protein, a protein supplement should be added. The first wound center was checking blood and I was anemic and had low protein levels but nothing was done about either of those. I was also put on a very expensive antibiotic that was not the proper antibiotic for the infection I had.

Find a good doctor that understands wound treatment and don’t waste your money on the junk you posted.

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