Diabetics and non healing wounds

I found out this past week that the reason my amputated leg has not healed completely is because of a cyst. I have had an x ray done two years ago but the technician reported that my knee was fine. That x ray was supposed to report on the non healing wound area and it was not on the knee!

Thanks to my new but old Endocrinologist, I was sent for another x ray. This time the technician was reporting on the right thing. I guess now I have to find out what type of specialist do I see. The first x ray was done through a wound center. I will not go back to a wound center. I’ve managed to keep this wound infection free for four years all by myself! I have complained about the pain for four long years and all I was told was that because I am a diabetic it will not heal.

It’s because of the cyst not because I am a diabetic! I am so fortunate to find physicians that want me to survive. Unfortunately, it all takes time, patience, and determination to locate a physician that will listen. I look forward to finding someone who will know how to remove this cyst and finally get me out of this ridiculous pain!

My message to everyone is: Do Not Give Up!!!

I have a nonhealing wound from an MRSA infetion. I had septic bursitis. The MRSA ate a hole in my elbow clean to the bone. Almost 6 months in the hospital 3 surgeries and 4 rounds of IV antibiotics finaolly got rid of the infection. It has somewhat filled in but after 14 months there is still a hole. Sometimes I get so frustratd that I really do want to give up but fortunately I have not figured out what giving up on my elbow means.

Thank you for the post. It gave me some of determination back!

Barbara I am so glad they found the reason for your wound not healing . hopefully they can remove the cyst and that should relief some pain. My best friends husband is a diabetic and had a wound on his leg that wouldnt heal they placed him on a medi-vac from a company called KCI and that is what finally worked to heal his wound. Its worth a try after surgery huh…Well keep us posted on your progress God Bless and you are right Do Not Give Up!!!

Thank you guys for commenting. I was on the wound vac shortly after the amputation. Healing in the amputated area was quick. I highly encourage the use of the vac when it is recommended by a doctor. I also think that other procedures such as aplegraf (skin growth type tissue) is great.
The cyst is preventing the healing of an area that is on the shin. This area opened after I started wearing the prosthesis. A cyst can cause all sorts of issues. I do believe once this cyst is removed, It will heal because it has caused a pressure point all of its own.
We can not always solely rely on our health care providers. We really should read up on our issues and have serious talks with our providers. We should also keep in mind that some providers are seriously busy and don’t always hear what we are saying. I don’t want to come across as totally negative toward our health care providers but our own research, knowledge and determination helps in our survival.
Lastly, I believe that it’s never too late in our lives to work on getting our glucose levels under control. Sooner in life is better than later as we wait for a cure. Besides we have so many better options in taking care of ourselves than forty years ago.

It wasn’t the cyst! It was an infection -A Four and a half year infection!!! Ok, So I did get the cat scan in September 2009. I took the results to another hospital and on September 22, 2009 I underwent a revision surgery which included a heavy barage of intraveneous antibiotics. My amputated leg was infected for four and a half years and I guess that the doctors I was seeing all along were antiquated in their prognosis. “You’re a diabetic of so many years and it will never heal” I no longer see those doctors. My amputated leg has healed (no more nasty hole in my stump), no more changing bandages, no more taking hours to put my prosthetic on. I sleep thru the night now. I have no more pain. Four and a half years of pain - I do not miss that at all!
My new doctor even sent me to a great prosthetic maker. It will be five years since I could walk right or even ride a bike. I lost my leg in July 2005. I am at a good point in my life -physically. Please see my latest video posting…