Diabetic pet stories

Long before I had diabetes when I was a child we had a huge cat that was diabetic and took insulin everyday. Type 2 I think. It’s funny how I was giving insulin shots long before I had to take my own insulin. I never really understood what diabetes was when I was giving the cat injections.
Do dogs and cats get type1? I’m pretty sure they do but I would imagine that it would be really hard to detect before complications set in. Dogs seem to sleep and pee a lot when they are healthy. I think It would be funny to take an injection and then inject your pet.
Has anyone here ever heard of a type1 pet?
-Anyone here have a diabetic cat, dog, horse or other animal?
-Also tell me any stories you have that are related to diabetic pets.

A friend of mine, Venita, runs a diabetic cat rescue called Diabetic Cats in Need. I know most of us don’t have extra insulin hanging around, but if you do (even partly/mostly used pens) please consider sending them to her. Below is a synopsis of what they do, as well as the url for their site. Here are their blog, and FB page. I found the message board really interesting.

Our mission at Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) .is to help diabetic cats and their people. We support diabetic cats in their original and adoptive homes, rehome unwanted diabetic cats, and help to educate caregivers on the appropriate treatment of diabetic cats.

Many diabetic cats use human insulins. Their blood glucose levels also are tested at home using human glucometers.

I coordinate the provision of insulin and testing supplies to folks who need them for their diabetic cats. The cats have a veterinary prescription for the insulin. There is always more need than I have insulin/supplies available.

Should you have excess unexpired Lantus or Levemir insulin or glucose testing strips and wish to help a diabetic cat, I can coordinate your donation. DCIN will reimburse you for shipping should you want that. You can contact me at ennis93 @att.net (remove space)

If you are interested in seeing how sophisticated the care of diabetic cats can be, you can visit a well-populated message board without registering at FelineDiabetes.com.

Thanks for reading!