Diabetic cat

Had to take cat to vet today. She was diagnosed with diabetes. Vet told me this was not uncommon for people with diabetes to have pets with diabetes. I was wondering if diabetes contagious to pets?

Contagious? Of course not. I have 5 cats & none are diabetic. Know many people with diabetic cats & the people don't have diabetes.

More & more dogs & cats are being diagnosed diabetic from being fed grain based, high carb crappy supermarket food. Dogs & cats don't have ability to digest grains & would never be eating this in the wild. Cats are carnivores & dry food is the worst thing for them. Another issue with cats stressing out their pancreas is being free-fed. A cat's digestive system is triggered by smell. Leaving food out all the time keeps their digestive system turned on.

Cats have an unusual form because it can go into remission & then they don't need injected insulin.

Thanks for the input. Any idea why she want eat? This is now the third day she hasn't eaten.

You need to take her to the vet immeiately if she won't eat. Cats develop something called fatty liver disease from going days without food. She'll die from fatty liver disease. Have you tried different foods--real chicken, tuna fish?

Yes we have tried differant foods. Just got off the phone with Vet and are getting ready to take her back. Thanks Gerri

Hope your kitty will be fine. Please let me know. You can force feed cats to get them to eat again, but it's not much fun to do. If a cat has a cold, she won't eat because they can't smell the food. If she's a dehydrated, that also causes lack of appetite.

Thanks we took her to the vet and her bg was down to 180. The vet told us to force feed her to get her to eat. Elsie is an 8 year old Maine Coon. This is going to be fun trying to force feed her. Good thing she is in an weakened state. The vet gave us a syringe to use. Thanks for the info and support. This is what I love about tudiabetes.

What was her BG the last time she was at the vet? Dogs & cats have the same normal BG as people. Hugs to Elsie! Cute name.

Important--forgot to mention this. The best thing for Elise is 1/3 cup raw meat put in a blender with 1/4 heavy cream. Very high calorie & very nutritious. Also no carbs:) Hard to syringe enough in using cat food diluted with water. This mixture is liquid & has what she needs. Raw meat has the enzymes she needs. I've nursed many sick cats & kittens back to health using this. Got the recipe from an incredible naturopathic vet who has treated mine for over 20 years.

I cannot believe your vet said this! My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I now know it was due to the commercial diet I fed her more than likely and her genetic predisposition. Here is a link to my blog post about her diagnosis: I Haz Diabeetus

My cat is doing fine now and I am sure your kitty will be feeling better soon. I love that the members here are so helpful, no matter what the topic!

Uniboy, I have a friend who runs a diabetic cat rescue. If you want to contact her PM me your email and I'll pass it on to her.