Diabetic sense of humor

I’ve started reading some of the books people have been recommending around here. Last night I was looking at a list of supplies recommended by a doctor. One of the things was hydrogen peroxide to get out blood stains. For some reason I found this hysterical.

What odd diabetes things make you laugh?

I think the whole double-meaning of “shooting up” and “being high”… would be one thing, for sure.

come to think of it, that’s pretty true! i’ve scared a few people by saying “i’m going to go shoot myself now”.

Like I told my doc, “I’m not diabetic, I’m just sweeter than most.” And OK I am diabetic, but I do prefer to think of myself as sweet. I also found it kind of funny, when I was doing research on diabetes, that most of the info was about hypoglycemia, and not hyperglycemia. Needless to say I was little confused.

I got solicited for drugs a few times in highschool because of this. Whoops!

Years ago I had just gotten my prescripson for the needles refilled and a state trooper pulled me over and seen them and accused me of shooting up drugs and it took a whole lot of talking to him to get him to belive that I was a diabetic and not using drugs! It was really funny!

That is what I miss since starting on the pump: getting to confuse people with the lingo. I am basically a good girl so I get really good reactions out of them.

Come to think of it, the progress is a little backwards though. We shoot up to avoid being high. Although too much shooting up and I go low, which tends to make people think that I am intoxicated.

I was traveling to Spain in January and I went to the check in counter and I was greated with a quiet bored looking airline staff memeber asking the usual questions she asks a hundred times a day.

Airline Staff Member "Is this your bag?"
Me “Yes”

Airline Staff Member "Did you pack the bag yourself?"
Me “Yes”

Airline Staff Member "Do you have any sharp objects?"
Me “Yes”

Her jaw hit the floor and she suddendly looked awake. She saw the funny side when I explained it all.

In public places, I like to stab myself in the abdomen with my pen, through my shirt, and then loudly go “aaarrrrrrgh!”

Nobody else thinks it’s funny, though. :frowning:

I wish there were more diabeasties jokes.

The bandleader’s name at this River-to-River Fest show in NYC caught my eye:
Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra
DATE: Jul 18, 2007
TIME: 7:00pm
TYPE: Music
LOCATION: Rockefeller Park

That is hilarious!!! :slight_smile:

that’s great.

i must try that someday. it sounds like a fabulous way to make one of my friends faint in fear. yeah, i am a sweet young lady who hides a secret sadistic streak.

nothing better than the looks you get when you ask your almost 2 year old if he’s high.
then being accused of being an atkins freak when you ask how many carbs are in your toddlers meal!
My sons “world” can crack me up, he thinks everyone has diabetes so he freaks out if he sees a kid eating a snack and it’s not snack time, he’ll shake his head and scream “no!” (he’s on shots so he’s on that fun strict schedule)

I told my friend that I was high because i had to much insulin. She said she was jealous and that she didnt know you could get high off of pizza. lol

With a straight face, I tell people I need a spoon to cook my insulin before I shoot up. Its a riot.

I also thought the spoof that they did on family guy was pretty darn funny.

I haven’t seen that episode of Family Guy. I’ll have to search it out.

ok, if you are offended by anything, don’t watch this. If you watch it, I take no responsibility at all. It is horrible, crass and not nice at all. With that being said, I laughed for days about this.


I bet you get some funny looks with that one! HA!